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Teenage Dream due August 24rth. Look out for the promotional singles to be released each week through the iTunes store until the album drops.

Aug. 3rd ‘Not Like The Movies’

Aug. 10th, ‘Circle The Drain’

Aug. 17th, ‘E.T.’

Katy Perry paved ground through the release of an EP and her official debut risqué single, ‘I Kissed a Girl’, which became a #1 hit. Perry had been dropped several times from different record labels as they did not how to market her music and image. Capitol Records took a chance, and had Perry working with A-list producers and songwriters (Greg Wells, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, etc.) who could assemble material for the then newcomer. After a #1 single, ensuing singles top digital sales and two Grammy award nominations, the rest is history.

In the face of assumed comparisons to Lily Allen, and her single ‘Smile’, which mocks and taunts a lover just like Perry does in ‘Ur So Gay’, Perry is set apart from Allen by ages, as attested by One of the Boys, which diversifies Katy’s sound with other move towards a new perspective on love and heartbreak.

Perry mocks and begs for love in brainer metaphors and still finds the time to expose a susceptible side. The album is an extensive story-tell. The composition and lyricism are compelling; Perry and the contributing songwriters really let their inspiration and mind’s eye lead the way when it came to writing the record.

One of the Boys makes for a solid pop debut. Catchy hooks, sharp lyrics, love from all angles and poppy rock tinkles fill the whole album. Perry’s vocals bear a resemblance to P!nk and a toned down Pat Benatar; this fused with pop, equals a certified startling winner. Katy sings, coos and wails in such a manner she brings the shallow dominion of pop music into a more credible area, giving it a whole new interweave.

The title track contradicts Katy’s very feminine image for a more tomboy-ish, where Perry belches the alphabet and tapes ‘her suckers down’ so they do not get in her way; it is a wonderful play on electro-beats and soft rock. ‘I Kissed a Girl’, is a menacing electric guitar drum beat nodding to sexual confusion. ‘Waking up in Vegas’ is strangely a love song on the lines of abiding by commitment (or so it seems), layered in a wild tear-up in Sin City.

The acoustic emotional-cheat ‘Thinking of You’, is indeed a taste of perfection; Perry gives herself in the song completely. ‘Mannequin’ is a 90’s sounding Pinocchio-themed track; the composition is outstanding. ‘If you can Afford Me’ might sound conceited but in fact asks for loads of love in return instead of checks when she sings, ‘Don’t play cheap…with your heart’. ‘Lost’ finds Perry delivering bruised vocals as she shares personal experience, just like the surprisingly dark and morose ‘I’m Still Breathing’.   

There is a whole lot of quality, personality and depth to the record. It is rigorously pop rock, very tongue-in-cheek, glossy and unswerving. Perry tries on different music hats in One of the Boys and successfully delivers. The album is a pocketful of musical gems. Katy has fun, winks, laughs, cries and regrets all throughout the disc, showcasing her voice at low and high tones. She teases in every way possible yet still does not put out completely, leaving the listener wanting more. The record feels as it were a look into a girls’ slumber party and a girl-talk intrusion; it feels right from every bit and piece. Truth is, Katy Perry is a kitten who happens to have a lion’s roar.



With the release of Teenage Dream on her toes, Katy Perry decided to give her fans a glimpse of what her music video for her second single will look like.

After fans welcomed the new single as if it were a glass of water in the desert, Perry uploaded a lyric video to ‘Teenage Dream’ along with a slideshow of several shots of the forthcoming music video, which shows Perry in jeans and a black bustier frolicking in the beach while hinting at a love runaway. Perry swings from extreme to extreme with ”Teenage Deeam’ judging by the preview, as it looks opposite to her concept for the deliciously CGI’d ‘California Gurls’. The music video premieres early August.

Aside of the lyric video, Perry and her label also unveiled three promotional pictures to let fans know what is in store with her sophomore record. Channeling Betty Page with a modern twist, Perry poses with latex underwear, leather daisy dukes, neon-esque lightning and a radiant purple-blue wig. Also, Perry is already working on ‘Purr’, her upcoming debut fragrance scheduled to be released in November this year.

To top it, as part of the official countdown to Teenage Dream, Perry will be releasing a new song off the new album each week via iTunes, until it hits physical and online retailers August 24rth.


Take a look at the lyric video below!

Just a day after Katy Perry finally made her sophomore album artwork public, Perry unlocks her second single, ‘Teenage Dream’, off its equally titled record.

It sounds brazen but fervent and tender at the same time. Judging by the title, one can think no less than trite, especially when it cites remaining young forever, and lasting without regret, just love. The lyrics themselves are imaginative and young, but fall nowhere near pubescent. It shows Perry being unquestionably in love and ready to give herself in; manifested in lines where she expresses she has found her ‘missing puzzle piece’. It reflects a multiphasic structure to Teenage Dream, as it tones down the frisky preceding single, keeping the lure of her debut and assorting an electronic splash of rock.

Its chorus composition adds an extended segment, being identical to the immensity of that of ‘California Gurls’. Seems Katy is aiming big in all aspects with this record, and sticking to her promise of making fun pop music with more meat in the bones with the upcoming long play.

‘Teenage Dream’ is far-fetched and all sorts of amazing. It is the epitome of pop rock. Katy Perry is really bringing it with this. She just turned from scoring the summer anthem, to also attaining this summer’s love song. If the record keeps this rhythm (both literally and figuratively), it might as well be one of the best albums released all year.

Despite the previous announcing of ‘Teenage Dream’ hitting radio until July 26th, it in fact begun to be spun on heavy rotation since the day the track made its web premiere (Thursday, July 22nd). Also, after its July 23rd official digital release, the single rocketed to the iTunes store Top 10. All signs point to it being Perry’s next chart topper.



Months of anticipation end right here. Katy Perry has officially unveiled the impressive cover art for her highly awaited sophomore album, Teenage Dream. The cover is a painting by Will Cotton, responsible for the artistic direction of Perry’s music video to the smash ‘California Gurls’.

The brush work is immaculate, the concept obviously influenced the music video for the first single, but there is absolute quality and ingenuity to this. There has not been anything this excellent printed in an album in a while since Courtney Love had Olivia’s signature in the cover of her solo debut, America’s Sweetheart.

Perry made the album cover known to fans through a live stream video from her site, where she discussed Will Cotton’s work, talked about the inspiration behind the cover, songs and answered questions from fans concerning her upcoming tour, both her impending new video and radio release of the album’s title track as her second single, and her favorite song off the new record, being it ‘Firework’, and ‘Peacock’ following closely.

The cover took six weeks and a half to complete according to Cotton in the online stream. It is absolutely gorgeous, dreamy and sophisticatedly sexy. Perry also announced the cover will not have her name or album title over it because she doesn’t want to ruin its artistic value.  It was also stated the album booklet will be ‘125% cotton candy scented’; look forward to it.

Teenage Dream available August 24rth, featuring production by Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Calvin Harris, Greg Wells and Tricky Stewart.


Katy Perry’s new music video caters to the boys with sexy confectionary costume ensembles and a stunning shot of Perry lying nude in a cotton candy cloud; guys never craved so much cotton candy at the sight of this.

The stylization of the bejeweled daisy dukes, the squooshy bikini tops and the real candy confectioned attires are all fabulous and extravagant, as well as the Will Cotton-inspired landscape throughout the video, which despite being mostly green screen with computer generated imagery, does not look cheap at all. Regardless of the little choreography towards the creamy climax of the video, Katy’s unrehearsed flirts, spontaneity and flamboyant personality add a lot to the carefree summery celebration the single entails.

The video encloses the sunny ecstasy from the single, but it does not receive the literal treatment, except for the inescapable description of the daisy dukes and bikini tops. Judging by the song, one would expect hot chicks, a jeep ride alongside the beach shores, palm trees and topless hunky men, but instead Perry takes her idea of the California girl through a journey in Candyland (or ‘Candyfornia’ as styled in the actual video), widely referencing key spots of the Golden coast.

‘California Gurls’ becomes more of a sugary board game instead of a summer ‘beachy’ drive in the streets of L.A., and a showdown between Perry and its featuring guest Snoop Dogg. Both the scenery and the girls are to die for; it is sassy, colorful and feisty it makes one want to bite its lip. It is hard to choose between looking at the huge candy galore display or the jaw dropping looks from Perry. The whole video is just a wild tease, one can almost taste it. It definitely melts any man’s popsicle.

Harbingers is throwed! Preview the video in all its glory below!

Teenage Dream drops August 24rth.



Katy Perry returns with ‘California Gurls’, the first serving off Perry’s upcoming album, Teenage Dream. Perry has stated her new record will not exactly be a considerable departure from One of the Boys, but its first single most definitely is.

It is sternly sun kissed and upbeat. The beat hits hard with a massive double chorus, stipulating the listener to dance in the middle of an intermingled wah-wah guitar strum, which consolidates utmost delight; it is impossible to not sing along.

Many have criticized the single for being reminiscent of Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’. Both share the same production under Lukasz Gottwald a.k.a. ‘Dr. Luke’, but truth be told, ‘California Gurls’ goes light years beyond ‘Tik Tok’, which despite being catchy and club oriented, it is nothing more than a enormously monotonous auto-tuned drunken paced track. Perry achieves everything ‘Tik Tok’ wishes it had: charisma, enthusiasm and thrill.

The funny thing about the single is instead of being a shallow pop song and of giving the sense of glancing at a beach party, it fascinatingly draws the listener in, making it become the beach party itself. The song is just too arousing, it makes one want to book the first flight available to California. The vibe it proposes is pretty amazing and just makes one throw hands in the air, feel merry and joyous.

It is a certified #1 smash, which just proved to be by scoring six consecutive weeks atop the Billboard chart after it debuted at #2 with no promotion, and rose to #1 after Perry’s dazzling live performance at the 2010 Mtv Movie Awards. Going 2x platinum in just seven weeks, breaks digital sales records previously held by Ke$ha’s ‘Tik Tok’, taking its place thus coming second in digital history to Flo Rida’s ‘Right Round’ with four week sales of over 300,000. It has become the fastest number one leaping single from Capitol Records in 43 years and is ranked the fastest #1 climbing single in Pop Radio.

Expect Teenage Dream to be reviewed in Harbingers once it becomes available.