Electra Heart not only serves as the title to Marina & The Diamonds new album to be released by the end of the month, but also an alter persona that will represent irony, and everything that is wrong with American standards.

Marina delivers ‘Primadonna’ in cheeky undertones, playing a princess who demands and seeks for self interest, proclaiming self directed justification to her superficiality in lines like ‘You say that I’m kind of difficult, but its always someone else’s fault’.

The production may have slight guitar riffs laced with dance synths and a brief dubstep break, but its substancious factor lays in Marina’s vocals, that range from coy to aggressively bold. It goes back and forth from end to end, bringing the song to a point of duality that is well achieved.

The delivery and overall progression of the song is superb, and helmed by the ever hit-making Dr. Luke, who has also coined most of the productions that have skyrocketed to the top of the Billboard charts over the past years.

Marina is reported to be going for a commercial sound to make an artistic statement, through the character she will be playing in most of the songs that will compose the body of work.

Whether Marina is using this commercial tactic for superior sale numbers or not, the whole project is turning into a very consistent piece, that will be showing off the different registers she can manage with her voice.

The Family Jewels was bomb, so expect Electra Heart to follow along the same lines, as Marina, even though in the midst of poppier production, still accomplishes to stamp her sound with gutsy lyrical composition that single her out from anything else busting out in radio.

Now this is the definition of an alter ego concept; ‘Sasha Fierce’ and ‘Roman Zolanski’…take note.



Electra Heart in stores April 30th, 2012.

Listen to ‘Primadonna’ below.