Just barely airing this past Monday, the Teen Choice Awards took place under Katy Perry’s hosting along the male cast members of Glee. Perry literally ‘cheered’ the night as a cheerleader, a geeky school-braced reject, prom queen, a hippie, and as an emo-goth girl. Despite her brief appearances and undercover slight promotion with references to the title of her upcoming new record, Perry managed to keep everyone amused, won awards for Summer Choice Song and Choice Music Single with ‘California Gurls’, and to at last straightforwardly encourage the audiences to check for Teenage Dream coming out August 24rth after several scripted hints. Ken Jeong served as co-co-host by staying in character impersonating the role he plays in the Twilight saga ridicule, Vampires Suck.

Opening with Perry’s sequence in belting out a segment off her new single ‘Teenage Dream’, followed by its full performance, the night was given a start (Katy labeled the award show as her very own teenage dream). The winning nominees were expected, just about everything Vampire related won most awards (i.e. Twilight-New Moon, The Vampire Diaries), as well as the usual teeny boppers, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, who was thoughtful enough to the Teen Choice audience after winning four awards, by broadcasting a pre-taped performance of ‘U Smile’ directly from his summer My World Tour to the actual ceremony.

The performances were stellar; Perry’s live rendition to her single as the opening was solid. Chris Brown can kiss his career goodbye now, as Jason Derulo took the stage Monday night to prove both his vocal and dancing abilities with the catchy ‘In My Head’, which in fact did for a Brown replacement gone on the same level. Bruno Mars and Travie McCoy with the striking performance to their single ‘Billionaire’ gave the night a whole different twist; Mars should start working solo, because his stage presence is enough and worth a standing ovation, no need to be featured. Diddy-Dirty Money with ‘Hello Good Morning’, which incorporated strobe lightning on stage, was massive, but seemed off place considering the Teen Choice Awards keep it all tidy clean when it comes to their ceremonies. Last but not least, the Step Up 3-D cast performance, a great flexibility-break-crunk-hip-hop-martial arts influenced dance extravaganza was the major highlight; the cast indeed brought their input to the film to the stage.

Taylor Lautner’s several wins over Robert Pattinson might mean twilighters are choosing over Team Jacob…or plain Team Lautner; Meyer should either start rewriting Breaking Dawn or start a spin off as soon as possible favoring the Jacob character, to milk the cow more by catering to what fans want apparently. Miley Cyrus’s zero wins and sole nomination really reflected how ‘well’ her album Can’t Be Tamed was received; no further comments.

Award shows usually have their downside where everything becomes humdrum, such as the Mtv VMA’s over the past years which seem to struggle when it comes to actually entertain. The Teen Choice Awards were a bit different, there were no dull moments, except for Robert Pattinson’s apparent catty discomfort when The Vampire Diaries cast were being given merits (guess he can be the only ruling vampire on scene).

The award show was pretty riveting, and it was incredibly hard to believe just yesterday (so to speak) Britney Spears made an appearance in a lace-leathered outfit at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards, and now the next show is already over.


Check out the show performances below!

Katy Perry – ‘Teenage Dream’

Justin Bieber – ‘U Smile’

Travie McCoy Feat. Bruno Mars – ‘Billionaire’

Step Up 3-D Cast dancing to Flo Rida’s ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’

Diddy-Dirty Money – ‘Hello Good Morning’