It seems it was yesterday Rihanna released her billionth single off Loud, now it is a whole new album preceded by the basic/half cooked ‘We Found Love’.

Surprisingly, the video is not as half cooked, and basic as the song in itself, neither  the everyday packed club themed visual, but is instead a very good graphic metaphor of the deterioration of a relationship, compared to that of the self-destruction of drugs.

With a Chris Brown look-a-like, and a similar instance to that of what happened previously to the 2009 Grammy’s, Rihanna seems to be tackling the bittersweet journey she underwent with Brown.

The video opens with a British-accent delivered monologue about looking back and trying to get the ‘good’. She sings in a solitary corner with projected clouds, as her past relationship is recounted in remembrances, such as trashing a supermarket, rough sex, dancing in an open field, smoking into each other’s mouth, and extensive arguing.

It is worth noting the beats of the song match the video sequences, and some pretty rad effects incorporate in the course of the visual; a consuming cigarette in varying color hues, dilated pupil close-ups, and the high energy scenes complementing the fast paced rhythm of the segment before the chorus.

Even though it is not a dance-driven video, Rihanna gets away with it. First, because the song is not build for proper choreography due to its overtly repetitive pattern,  and second, because for once it seemed to carry a message, instead of scenes thrown for shock value.

If this video delivers anything else than how her romance died out, it also communicates how much she LOVES to smoke. For once we can say Melina really thought outside of the box; great shooting angles, and on-point illumination.

This is Rihanna’s ‘Teenage Dream’ gone beyond corrupted and out of context. It is raw, and makes the song tolerable.

Probably her best yet.



Watch ‘We Found Love’ below!