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Quick News Update

  • Tabloid, The National Enquirer previously staged Whitney Houston’s final moments in a photoshoot, but have gone even lower, by having snapped and published an open-casket image of  Houston, from her home going service held in New Jersey earlier in the week; how disrespectful.
  • Adele has sold around 7 million copies of 21 in the U.S. alone, reaching worldwide sales of 17 million. With eight Grammy’s under her belt, Adele has conquered and is close to reaching Diamond sales status, a feat previously marked by Usher’s Confessions in 2003. Appropriately, the album hits its 21st week atop on its release anniversary.
  • Katy Perry scores her seventh #1 with ‘Part Of Me’, which also happens to mark the 20th #1 debut in Billboard chart history, since Lady GaGa last February, with ‘Born This Way’. The respective accompanying music video will sport a military theme. If you ever wondered how she would look like a male, the video will provide a proper answer. This number one won’t count as a single from Teenage Dream but from Confection instead; consequently Katy remains tied with Michael Jackson for most #1’s off one album.
  • Country songstress Miranda Lambert doesn’t approve of the new Rihanna/Chris Brown collaborations, and has addressed the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend hit ‘Gunpowder And Lead’ to Brown, flashing a sign reading ‘Take Note Chris Brown’ during one of her recent performances. Lambert has directly stated, ‘He needs to listen to Gunpowder and lead and be put back in his place‘. The aforementioned recounts the story of an angered ex, who shoots her boyfriend; woman got a point.
  • Chris Brown still tweets profanities and homophobic statements, and recently engaged in a twit-altercation with wrestler MC Punk, who tweeted, ‘I would like @chrisbrown fight somebody that can defend themselves. Me curb stomping that turd would be a #wrestlemania moment‘. To what Brown replied, ‘Positivity regardless of how u feel! @CMpunk contact my assistant and I’ll have em send u an autographed pic for my biggest FAN!!!‘. Brown is such a douche.
  • ‘Dark Side’ is being considered to be Kelly Clarkson’s follow-up single to chart topper ‘Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)’, which generated wide interest and a sale surge, post her flawless rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl. Stronger, the album, has been a steady but consistent seller, with a rare batch of sleeper hits. ‘Mr. Know It All’ got off to a slow start, and its title track was no different, but both proved to be slow burners and eventually, major radio hits; hopefully ‘Dark Side’ has the same fate.
  • R&B singer Robin Thicke, paid tribute to the late Whitney Houston, in a cover of the 1995 hit, ‘Exhale (Shoop Shoop)’, featuring stripped vocals and a piano. Thicke may have had issues with the police just recently, but that didn’t stop him from honoring ‘Nippy’, and tweeting, ‘This is my tribute to the great Whitney Houston. Sending my prayers to her family‘.
  • Party Rock duo LMFAO have released ‘Sorry For Party Rocking’ as a single, and premiere music video, which you can watch HERE. LMFAO made chart splash last summer with ‘Party Rock Anthem’, overshadowed their own ensuing single, and broke the top of the charts again with the glitzy speedo-themed ‘Sexy And I Know It’. Hopefully the duo is up for another winner.
  • Adam Lambert’s Tresspassing, originally due March 20th, has been pushed back. Lambert has stated he is making the album ‘even better’, and making room for four new songs. With the minimal success ‘Better Than I Know Myself’ witnessed, releasing an album based on those grounds alone wouldn’t have been a smart move. New release date to be announced. In other Lambert news, he will be joining legendary band Queen, for the Sonisphere Festival.
  • The Glee cast will not be touring this summer. Possibly in response to the underwhelming reception they got with the Glee Live show screened in 3-D (considering the magnitude the Ryan Murphy-created show has acquired). With the current season plummeting down in sloppy story-lines, and constantly unnecessary catering to past musical references, plus Smash getting wide attention, the future of the show is yet to be determined.


54th Grammy Awards recap

It is hard to sit through an entire award show, except for relevant performances, but this year the Grammy’s have given the ceremony a very consistent line-up that had you stuck on your seat.

Opening with a prayer in honor of the late Whitney Houston, as everyone in the building bowed their heads, the show went on with show-stopping performances, mild tributes and shout-outs to Whitney throughout. It was overall a very gripping event.  Adele, Katy Perry, Foo Fighters, Bruno Mars, Paul McCartney, Rihanna, Coldplay, The Band Perry, Jennifer Hudson, Blake Shelton, The Beach Boys themselves, and many more all under one roof, was definitely a moment to remember.

As it was predicted, and pretty much a given, Adele swept the entire night nabbing the six Grammy’s she was nominated for (including Album of The Year), and deservedly so. The Foo Fighters were not too far off, taking a total of five for Best Long Form Video, Best Rock performance, Best Hard Rock/Metal performance, Best Rock Song, and Best Rock album respectively. Kanye West followed with four, and Skrillex with three. The flawless Bon Iver scored their first two Grammys for Best New Artist and Best Alternative Album; even Chris Brown won one for Best R&B album (Odd, since F.A.M.E. is predominantly filled with dance cuts).

Bruno Mars brought the house down with ‘Runaway Baby’. With an old fashioned lit marquis and all, Mars shut it down with his vocals and stage presence. Alicia Keys and  Bonnie Reitt performed in honor of the late Etta James, along piano keys and acoustic guitar; their voices matched perfectly.

‘Don’t You Wanna Stay’ was impeccably sung on behalf of Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson, who took in Aldean’s line when his microphone went off; beautiful duet. Chris Brown busted a move for a medley of ‘Turn Up The Music’ and ‘Beautiful People’, it was a gymnastics spectacle but nothing too impressive; usual Brown. The Foo Fighters proved rock is not dead with ‘Walk’; felt like 1990 all of a sudden.

Rihanna reworked the introduction to her smash ‘We Found Love’ and struggled to keep her pitch, she ultimately could (with help of a backing track), and for once, showed energy on the stage dancing alongside a dance troupe. She later joined Chris Martin for an acoustic performance of ‘Princess of China’; Rihanna outdid Martin, as he sounded like a howling/dying animal. ‘Paradise’ was no different, Martin’s vocals sounded exhausted; the stage set-up was brilliant though.

The night went on in a cute note with Taylor Swift, who performed ‘Mean’ and seemed genuinely humbled by the standing ovation she received at the end of her number. This girl has come a long way, it was amazing to see her remaining so down to earth, at an event of this magnitude.

Ironic how Katy Perry alluded to her wedding, and dedicated her performance to all the lovers in last year’s ceremony, just to now slam Russell Brand on the face.  She misleadingly initiated ‘E.T.’, before a sound intermission allowed a rapid costume change, so she could deliver the bruised opening lines of ‘Part Of Me’, ensued by the pulsating riffs of the song, while she descended on stage (‘Part Of Me’ precedes her album re-release). Katy looked triumphant up there in a warrior-esque latex ensemble, breaking glass, spinning on her feet, and melting ice sculptures. She tore that stage, build it up again, just to bring it down on fire. It was a powerful performance, very heart-felt and filled with passion; it must’ve been cathartic and therapeutic all at once for Perry. It was major; standing O.

Maroon 5 and Foster The People honored the legendary Beach Boys; it is worth mentioned the lead vocalist of the latter band, seemed awkward the entire time. The Beach Boys, after years of silence, still got it.

Adele returned to the stage to grace everyone with ‘Rolling In The Deep’. Post having surgery and sounding like this, only Adele could; she was on perfect key. Jennifer Hudson was given the honor of farewelling Whitney with her trademark ‘I Will Always Love You’; she was breathtaking, but kept her full range on low key.

Despite the outstanding performances on behalf of the aforementioned, there was Nicki Minaj, making her best Lady GaGa impersonation, as she ‘exorcised’ herself in a horrendous rap beat, that was more yelling and ridiculous eye popping than anything else. The religious allusions were unnecessary and offensive. The show could’ve done without. In what was another mess, was the mash up of David Guetta, Dead Mouse, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown performing ‘Rope’. All the strobe light, neon and mind numbing beats were out of place.

In its whole, the Grammy’s outdid themselves for once. And kudos for putting something up for Whitney Houston on short notice.

Looking forward to next year!


Below, a list of this year’s Grammy’s winners.

Album of the Year: Adele – 21
Record of the Year: Adele – Rolling in the Deep
Song of the Year: Adele – Rolling in the Deep
Best New Artist: Bon Iver
Best Pop Solo Performance: Adele – Someone Like You
Best Pop Duo/Group Performance: Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse – Body And Soul
Best Pop Instrumental Album: Booker T. Jones – The Road From Memphis
Best Pop Vocal Album: Adele – 21
Best Dance Recording: Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
Best Dance/Electronica Album: Skrillex – Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites
Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album: Tony Bennett & Various Artists – Duets II
Best Rock Performance: Foo Fighters – Walk
Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance: Foo Fighters – White Limo
Best Rock Song: Foo Fighters – Walk
Best Rock Album: Foo Fighters – Wasting Light
Best Alternative Music Album: Bon Iver – Bon Iver
Best R&B Performance: Corinne Bailey Rae – In This Love
Best Traditional R&B Performance: Cee Lo Green & Melanie Fiona – Fool For You
Best R&B Song: Cee Lo Green & Melanie Fiona – Fool For You
Best R&B Album: Chris Brown – F.A.M.E.
Best Rap Performance: Kanye West & Jay-Z – Otis
Best Rap/Sung Collaboration: Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi & Fergie – All Of The Lights
Best Rap Song: Kanye West, Rihanna, Kid Cudi & Fergie – All Of The Lights
Best Rap Album: Kanye West – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Best Country Solo Performance: Taylor Swift – Mean
Best Country Duo/Group Performance: The Civil Wars – Barton Hollow
Best Country Song: Taylor Swift – Mean
Best Country Album: Lady Antebellum – Own The Night
Best Short Form Music Video: Adele – Rolling in the Deep
Best Long Form Music Video: Foo Fighters – Back And Forth

2011 Video Music Awards Recap

Another year, another Video Music Award show down. Last year was all about Lady GaGa and 13 nominations, this time it was all about Katy Perry and her 10 nominations.

This year’s line up for a host, was unconventional, since there was actually no host. The show remains the same as other years, the expectedly solid performances, and the awkward acceptance speeches. It oddly served as a tribute to living music legend Britney Spears, but it somehow ended up being it all about Beyoncé.

Judging the performances, Jessie J could’ve used some more spotlight. Lady GaGa pulled another surprise card as she appeared dressed up as a male, in full character (crazy character one must add). It was insane, because she actually pulled it off looking like a man; no joke. If people thought her meat dress was too much, wait until you see how convincing GaGa looks as the embodiment of testosterone (minus her voice of course). Her delivery of ‘You And I’ was strong, and with her all as always; Brian Mays was the icing on top. The Britney tribute seemed more of a tactic to garner ratings than an actual merit for Spears as a troupe of frenetic little girls emulating the star on stage to her hits dressed in her most iconic moments; it was fantastic nonetheless. GaGa seemed to have pecked Britney on the lips, as she took the Video Vanguard Moon Man in hand (throwback to 2003 possibly? until Spears simulated going for a second not so subtle peck before addressing the microphone instead).

Kanye West and Jay-Z took the stage, and it was your regular rapper showdown kind of performance, just gone a little patriotic; not amusing. Pitbull and Ne-Yo overplayed their single for the billionth time in America, wasn’t radio and clubs alike enough? With a monotonous and repetitive song as ‘Give Me Everything (Tonight)’ is, at least they managed to bring it to life on stage.

Adele slayed the stage with her soaring vocals; pretty sure the building walls were shaking. Chris Brown got his footwork on like he always has, but Beyoncé, was probably one of the most engaging performances all night with ‘Love On Top’, which happens to be one of the not so many highlights in her fourth studio album 4. The performance was sassy and saw the performer cover her crotch with pants for once, who wrapped it with a mic thud and a belly rub, tinging at her pregnancy. The song was called for and the reason behind it, quite charming; the energy was unbelievable.

Young The Giant’s performance of ‘My Body’, was a shocker, because it was beyond superb. From staging, to vocals and crowd interaction. This is more than sufficient proof these guys should make it BIG; it was amazing they got 250 of their hometown fans witness their debut on the VMA stage.

Talking about tributes, other than Spears’, the late Amy Winehouse also got her recognition, on behalf of Bruno Mars, who gave an electric rendition of ‘Valerie’; it was definitely a moment, which got everyone clapping hard, while it allowed the audience to reflect on the major loss of talent the music world has suffered with Winehouse’s passing. It was sad, but in a way celebrated all of what Jazz meant to Winehouse and her fans.The show closed with an awfully auto-tuned perfomance by Lil’ Wayne; it could’ve done without, and came across as a desperate last minute promo for his upcoming album, The Carter IV.

As far as Moon Men go, Spears took home two for Video Vanguard and Best Pop Video with ‘Till The World Ends’. Adele’s trip to America ended up being worth it since she won three Moon Men, for Best Art Direction, Best Editing and Best Cinematography. The ridiculously attention-seekingly dressed Nicki Minaj won for Best Hip-Hop Video. Rock Video was won by The Foo Fighters; Mumford & Sons deserved this one really, it seemed like it was the obvious choice; as if MTV plays rock videos.

Katy Perry was a vision all throughout the night, with creamy lavender-pink hair, she nabbed Best Collaboration and Best Special Effects with ‘E.T.’ plus the coveted Video of the Year merit for ‘Firework’; endlessly deserving, considering how breathtaking the video is. Justin Bieber won for Best Male; its not hard to acknowledge how many no-life thirteen year olds clicked his category before the voting polls closed. Best New Artist went to Tyler The Creator, whomever that is, hadn’t heard from that one, not even once.

All in all, with each year, they get it half right and half wrong, and this year it wasn’t an exception. Viewers got the attention-seeking stunts, cricket noise inducing liners, random speeches, and the drab nomination presentations (Jersey Shore, really?), which were far from creative or appealing for that matter.

We’ll see what they cook up for next year, based on the highs and lows the previous award shows have undergone, they have a lot to work on the chalkboard.

Until the next ceremony!


Adele Adkins is an English songstress who draws similarities from Amy Winehouse and Duffy. Regardless of the aforesaid appraisals of Adele’s abilities, these do not define her artistry, as she brings her own spirit and vocal inimitability and pours it on 19, titled in reference to the age when the album was recorded. Adele proves she is here to stay after several hits, album certifications and two Grammy nominations won for Best Female Pop vocal Performance and Best New Artist.

Adele burnishes in the whole disc, every song tells its own story in insightful lyrics and an above reproach vocal delivery. Adele’s vocal range is extraordinary, pitchy at times (i.e. ‘Melt My Heart to Stone’) but intended to be and the results are deeply for emotional shock. The delivery of her vocals is smooth, firm, and gigantic but not becoming overdone or vexing. One can clearly hear the influences from Etta James and Billie Holiday, but the album does not become a fleece, it instead delineates Adele as being herself.

‘Cold Shoulder’ is a superb versatile experimentation of neo soul, rhythm and blues with soft rock as well as ‘Tired’, where Adele rides a mild vocal rollercoaster in each verse of the chorus.  ‘Crazy for You’, is Adele riding the slow guitar strums at her best. ‘First Love’ is an amazing lullaby which keeps steady but Adele takes it to another level with the emotion she stamps all over the track, as she hauntingly wails. ‘Chasing Pavements’ is wonderful from all aspects, Adele displays her voice at high notes and reaches a subtle climax before she punches in with the chorus and resigns at the end if trying and investing energy in a futile relationship is worth it after all.

The Bob Dylan cover of ‘Make You Feel My Love’ does not even sound like a cover, as Adele makes the track hers, shimmering along a sturdy piano playing throughout the song, as strings slide in before she closes with an standing ovation-deserving harmony. ‘Hometown Glory’ is almost a hymn to London; Adele’s melancholic vocals make the listener actually feel the nostalgia.

19 is an aching heart gracing one’s ear. It is beautifully written and composed; the dispersion of instruments consolidating blues, soul and jazz are beyond breathtaking. The scatter of Motown adds a lot to the album, solidifying Adele’s attempt to create a retro sound. 19 roughly throws back between the 1940’s and 60’s; it is brilliantly implemented and utterly impressive. Even though she insinuates the sounds of the past while still remaining contemporary, she is ahead of her time. The record is both musically and emotionally authentic. The record is pretty simple, but sometimes less is more.