It has been two years plus since the last post, and it has all been a whirlwind, I was focused, I lost my tracks, my heart,Image my mind and everything in between. But I’ve garnered new perspective, there’s new people around, new music released, and the world keeps on spinning, no matter what, right?

So the blog is up and going, once more. I have been keen to write about what I hear and how my brain digests it. I realized I shouldn’t put hobbies aside just because.Ā 

If there’s anything I learned from taking a long hiatus is that even when you hit rock-bottom and a dark place, don’t unpack and live there; shed as many tears as necessary, but keep on moving forward to where you really want to go.

At this moment, all I want to do is listen, WRITE, and share!

Here’s to me, to music, to you, and to HARBINGERS.