KatyBirthdayKaty Perry has gone from being an online sensation, to candy royalty, just to become a global phenomenon in pop culture and radio. She may have taken off the blue wig, but that doesn’t stop her from still giving glimpses of her quirky persona. Sporting her trademark dark bangs, with Spring green locks, Perry returns with another smash, taken off her latest blockbuster: PRISM.

With a heavy disco bass line, and cooed sexual innuendos to a partner, Perry soars with ease on ‘Birthday’. For a relative cliche of a title, the single is everything a pop song should be: its catchy, its witty, original, well structured, and of course, fun. She goes down the no-holds-barred route, and breaks the song down in a melancholic echoed beat, where she breathes ‘Happy birthday’, just to then explode into a belt-out extravaganza.

I’m sure Katy had reckless fun recording this, and the vein of the song transmits it to the listener; another winner for Katy!



Make sure you catch the official video for ‘Birthday’ below; and see Katy pulling a TGIF gone steroids as she crashes birthday parties on hidden camera mode!

PRISM already available; look out for the album review coming in the next few days.