Music is ever evolving, and so does its channels driving it to mass media. CD’s are not as common for purchase, everything is now on immediate digital download mostly.

Music-wise, Katy Perry returned with vengeance to the charts, Lady GaGa found balance between the radical changes from her early hits to that of ‘Born This Way’ (and has even started to tone down her image), Lana Del Rey has made it big, boy bands all of a sudden came bacXCIA_Fumero_Collabo_k (One Direction and The Wanted, anyone?); Taylor Swift is now even credible.

American Idol is over ten seasons (and has a gazillion mirroring show versions of it), Justin Bieber fever is FINALLY fading away, Mariah Carey is still trying to convince us she is thin and ‘thirty’, and who can forget Miley Cyrus crossing over and making her tongue famous.

SAMSUNG surpassed the iPhone, Mark Zuckerberg bought WhatsApp, just about everyone ranted how they knew who Steve Jobs was when he died, and Britney Spears keeps on lip-syncing no matter what she says (or merely pre-records?); I guess that is the one thing that hasn’t changed.

A lot has gone down over the last two years: new trends in music, heavier incorporation of dub-step and electronica on top 40 radio (Hell, even Taylor Swift pulled out a pop record of those with ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’!).

Newcomers have settled their grounds as artists, and many have made comebacks to the spotlight. Take Pharrell for example, with the help of Daft Punk and the impeccable ‘Get Lucky’, managed to place his name on the map again, and look at Rihanna, now a force to be reckoned with and an icon (who would’ve thought).

At last, the Grammy’s have turned into a joke, and so have the Oscars. 50 Shades of Grey happened, selfies and #hashtags have a new meaning in the dictionary,Ā Glee‘s Cory Monteith passed away…and the list continues.

With all that been said with a grain of salt, we will be catching up on those matters that are making twists and turns by the minute, over the next coming hours, days and weeks. There will be movie and book reviews, album critiques, and download recommendations as there were before.

We’re starting over!

Stay tuned.