John Mayer music had been long overdue. From the utter genius of Continuum, and the much more softer acoustics of Battle Studies, Mayer now tackles at a countrified approach with ‘Shadow Days’, where he asks hard times to let him be, while learning how to let go.

As always, Mayer’s vocals are impeccable, and the instrumentation is outstanding, with a country sound that almost feels as if this were a response to Taylor Swift’s ‘Dear John’; a song included in Speak Now, rumored to be about Mayer.

‘Shadow Days’ is moody, and it serves as an explanation to a past love counterpart, stating he now lives the present and has learned how to move on. Mayer claims to be a ‘good man, with a good heart’ in the song, while sharing feelings of comfort in finding meaning to new-found love. Mayer reports to have found direction and clarity in the soulful charged number, that ends with a faded organ.

It is not Earth-shattering, but it is romantic and slightly hurt with a positive outlook that conveys a ‘Things may not be the best, but it could be worse’ message. It is not a first time listen hard hitting melody, but it is definitely a grower that subsequently becomes addictive.

Mayer never disappoints, and ‘Shadow Days’ is no different to the quality of his part work. If it proves anything, is that guys also have feelings within the hard and multiple layered shell of manhood.



Born And Raised to be released May 22, 2012.

Listen to ‘Shadow Days’ below.