Throw your sticks and your stones, throw your bombs and your blows, but you’re not gonna break my soul‘ sings Perry in a haunting bass line.

By making its way to the web in late 2010, ‘Part Of Me’ garnered wide interest, and the fate of the song was questioned. Now everyone can see for what it was being saved, and for all the right reasons, who would let this pop slice go to waste in the shelves of Capitol Records?

It sounded brilliant upon first listen, and now after being properly remastered and mildly reworked lyrically, sounds even better, more felt and more suiting for where Katy is at this very moment in her life.

It tackles at getting oneself together post breaking free from a constraining relationship. Perry sounds poignant and uplifting throughout, interrupting herself at a point with an unswerving ‘No!’, and decidedly stating ‘Get away from me’. While it nods to ‘Firework’ in the break, it purposely busts the obvious Russell Brand slam, ‘You can take the diamond ring, it don’t mean nothing anyway’ (…ouch Russell, don’t date a woman who has the ability to write a one sided ‘hate you’ song and perform it at the Grammy’s for everyone to hear).

She may be capitalizing on her divorce, but if one recalls, co-writer Bonnie McKee had stated in one interview that ‘Part Of Me’ was going to be used at some point; divorce or no divorce, ‘Part Of Me’ was deemed to happen, and if her divorce publicity works for appeal, then why not (Rumors are even swirling that this track was to lead up to the debut of Teenage Dream, but then ‘California Gurls’ happened).

It carries the timelessness of ‘Teenage Dream’, and it is anything but subtle. Even though the lyrics sound bruised, they hold this sense of angst, vulnerability and a bright side all at once; it is beautifully arranged. The Dr. Luke produced cut is another winner for Katy; it’ll no doubt smash the charts.

What a way to close such a historical album; hats off, confection fulfilled.



Download ‘Part Of Me’

Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection to be released March 27th.