Katy moves fast! and is ready to wake up from the Dream.

Just after debuting her new single on the Grammy stage, and taking the iTunes charts by storm, she was recently spotted shooting the visuals to the reported single.

Perry was seen at the USMC base Camp Pendleton in Oceanside, California, yesterday February 16th, filming a military-based music video, that will serve to promote and bring to life her latest anthem, ‘Part Of Me’. She sported a black-edged manly cut, camouflaged gear, and dived in a training pool alongside a marine (a rougher nod to ‘Teenage Dream’ possibly?).

Could it feature a mini-storyline recounting how two soldiers fall in love? and how their romance dies down in the midst of disciplinary conditions? We’ll just have to wait and see when it premieres.

When one thought Katy had already done it all, here she is, surprising once more.


In other news, Idolator has announced via Twitter, that ‘Part Of Me’ could become the 20th single to debut at #1 in Billboard history.

Take a look below (Click to enlarge).