Madonna makes a return to the music scene with ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’, preceding MDNA, to be released this coming March. She has been busy at work promoting her self directed film ‘W.E.’, and constantly teasing a musical comeback over the past months. Now, the moment is here, and it isn’t all that.

The Martin Solveig produced cut is nothing to write home about, but an electro-synth rollercoaster that doesn’t have as many spins as it promised. It sounds like a fast paced ‘Beautiful Stranger’ with vague elements of an upbeat ‘Miles Away’, and a pulsating electric beat that predominates as base. On a positive note, the ‘Lucky Star’ reference, and the overall nod to a 90’s throwback sound are a nice touch, but aren’t enough.

The rascal chanting of ‘L-U-V, Madonna, Y-O-U, you wanna’ and its dubstep break, are the mild highlights of the track, but then again it lacks the the punch Madonna’s past first releases have had. M.I.A.’s and Nicki Minaj’s features seem unnecessary; they don’t add anything other than record time. Their verses don’t click and seem unrelated to what the song proposes.

‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ is bland in general, and sounds too similar to Solveig’s past productions; it is ‘reductive’ as Madonna herself would say. Nothing fresh has been served on the table. If a teenager would’ve dropped a single like this would’ve been understandable; but this sounds like a baby boomer who doesn’t want to let go of her time. Even the ballad ‘Masterpiece’ (included in the ‘W.E.’ soundtrack) would’ve made a better first single than this, parting from its lyrical composition, and simplistic production.

Whether the release of ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ is contractual or not, it is still a letdown. At this point of career longetivity, one would expect Madonna to have more creative freedom concerning her music if the release was indeed contractual, if otherwise, she needs to be more keen at her single selections; or who knows maybe she’s lost the ear for a hit.

She obviously doesn’t need a hit, and has nothing to prove, she is already cemented as both an icon and legend in pop music. But if she wants to maintain and own up to that status, it is better to take careful steps to keep it consistent.

Hopes are on the William Orbit produced songs. If one recalls, Orbit was heavily involved in the making of Ray Of Light.



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MDNA to be released March 26th, 2012.