Adam Lambert was obviously relegated off the American Idol title because they knew his then-competition, Kris Allen, would need it if he was going to make it (if at all). But boy they were wrong, with Lambert getting the green light for album #2, while Allen  is nowhere to be seen.

Lately, it has been hard to sustain American Idol winners’ relevancy in the spotlight. The hype and overall excitement towards the show and its contestants has been dying out over the past years, because it has become predictable and pretty much a joke (Sanjaya Malakar memories anyone?).  But Lambert, even as a runner-up,  has managed to survive in the highly competitive profile the music industry is, and his new single proves it.

The lovey ‘Better Than I Know Myself’, is a mellow, soft and romantic cut, that doesn’t hit the point where it becomes sappy. It swings between praising a relationship and admitting pitfalls. Despite Lambert being openly homosexual, the song is easy on the ears, and covers general ground.

Hauntingly steady production, vociferating cinematic drums in the chorus, and a resounding bass, compliment Adam’s gallant delivery. His vocals are consistently strong, as they build up during the progression of the song, giving it the icing it needs to really grasp one’s ears, and generate interest.

It carries vibes of Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’, not musically, but in terms of subject matter. It doesn’t have the arresting openers of Perry’s track chorus, but it is indeed arresting in a more behind closed doors level. It is a fantastic power ballad, and Adam’s sheer vocals are what pull it off mostly. Everyone knows what Adam is capable of doing with his voice, but he keeps it level and belts out where he has to, to further impact the emotional nature of the track.

Dr. Luke, who served as producer and writer, sprinkled the simplicity and timelessness many songs lack currently. This sort of less-is-more on Lambert’s already over the top persona, is a great touch for variation.

All the signs are pointing at this being Adam’s year.



Download ‘Better Than I Know Myself’

Trespassing available March 20th, 2012.