Hoping everyone had an amazing Christmas, and a superb New Year’s celebration, I also would like to thank EVERY SINGLE visitor on Harbingers over the past year.

The year ends report recorded 47,000 views overall, and 212 comments (pretty rad consider the new year concerns those numbers!). Some were actually typed words, others merely spam, but the only fact a software or an actual person took the time and had the input to comment in whichever manner it was intended, it is something I either way, appreciate.

I had in mind to close the site, but my love for writing is stronger than my procrastinating ways as far as posting goes. So Harbingers, is still up and going, one too many things are going on currently, so posting will be relatively disperse.

May you all had a wonderful 2011 (I know I did) & wish you a successful 2012!

Yours truly,


Highlights of 2011

  • Getting my second tattoo based on a verse by Rainer Maria Rilke, and wire work by Tammy Smith; June 6th!
  • Summer in Salem, MA; long bike rides to the beach, in Marblehead.
  • Release of Katy Perry’s incredible video for ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’, and have her match Michael Jackson’s record of 5 consecutive #1 singles off one sole album!
  • California Dreams Tour – June 18th & November 22nd; Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA respectively; best nights of my life!
  • Half fulfilling my new year’s resolution by receiving an acoustic guitar as a late Christmas gift. Lessons coming sooner than expected.