Lana Del Rey has been the most mysterious breakthrough act of 2011. By engaging in constant online teasing, and revealing minimal information (until recently), Del Rey has managed to keep everyone on the hook and on the look-out.

Now she is ready to fully shed from the mysterious tactics surrounding her musical launch, and one is treated with the formal single preceding her debut album, Born To Die, to be released late in January.

‘Born To Die’ may at first reminisce Beyonce’s 4 cut ‘I Care’ in terms of instrumentation, but as it progresses, it turns into a giant Hip-Pop number, with close elements of R&B meshed with underlying strings, featuring whispers, sighs, and an inquiring argument specifically asking for endurance while riding high on the road to love. The song focuses on taking advantage of the present and making the most out of love throughout, since what the future departs is nothing but ‘the end’.

The production is amazing and sounds apocalyptic and chaotic, retaining an element of beauty in Lana’s mellow tone. Even though its heart-breaking and a love cry-out, the song is stellar and really allows the highlight of Del Rey’s vocals. The lyrical approach is not exactly Earth-shattering, but it certainly proposes a much needed approach to love, as Lana begs her lover keep what bonds them together while they can.

Lana’s voice hasn’t unraveled in Adele-form per say, but the vocal consistency is there. Her style brings about a freshness to heartbreak, that keeps one interested, even though she indeed sounds uninterested as she melodically utters the verses. With this, she achieves bringing about a sense of genuineness in her delivery, matching the music to the fullest and conveying what she wants to put across emotionally, most effectively. It is cinematic and grand, it could easily score the ending scene of a melodramatic movie, where two failed at mutual appreciation.

There is no departure from what she offered with her two buzz singles ‘Video Games’ and ‘Blue Jeans’; it seems this style is what fits her like a glove, since her voice seems to have been tailor-made to address this somber musical spectrum.



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Born To Die out January 30th, 2012.