Either In Touch secretly crave for Katy Perry and Russell Brand to call it quits, or they really have nothing better to do (or can’t come up with new fresh strategies to pull magazines off the stands).

Just recently, claims of Brand ‘betraying’ Perry filled the lower right corner of their mag prints, allegedly pointing at Brand for getting cozy with British Comedian Sadie Turner.

Furthering by claiming both are very together hanging at each others’ residences while Katy takes the Candyfornia inspired stage during the California Dreams Tour venues, and that her busy schedule has potentiated Russell’s ‘womanizing ways’.

The article even features personal opinion and what seems to be a direct quote from Turner, where she supposedly admits her love for Russell, reassuring his marriage to Katy is ‘doomed’.

Insiders claim In Touch are just bulling their way through to garner attention and sell mags. The Perry-Brand camp found the story laughable, and claim Sadie Turner is one of Brand’s friends from his Alcoholics Anonymous program.

Other rumors are that Katy is considering, or has already informed she’ll be taking a year long break to raise a family with hubby Russell Brand, this not only crushes any of In Touch‘s citations, but also crushes any plans of the half-confirmed Teenage Dream extended release, made up with the album unused tracks.

The former might be quite true, since she commented she’ll be ‘taking a long nap’ after the California Dreams wraps (this past Wednesday, Nov. 23rd at the Staples Center, Los Angeles), but the latter remains up the air as of now.

Check out Katy’s words below,

We’re a little bit jaded right here in this crowd, because we all know what’s going on behind the scenes, we’re all in the entertainment industry sometimes‘, claimed Perry in a mildly somber tone, before she cheered up and claimed, ‘But some of us are going to school, like normal people right?! That’s normal-ness!’.

Hopefully further confirmation ensues soon.


Watch a video featuring Perry introducing ‘The One That Got Away’, this past Tuesday, November 22nd, at the California Dreams, where she confirms her ‘long nap’.