While ‘We Found Love’ proves to be a smash success atop the charts, Rihanna has completed her sixth studio album Talk That Talk and is ready to move on with single number two, choosing ‘You Da One’, to be sent to airwaves tomorrow Friday, with an iTunes release this Sunday, Nov. 13th.

‘You Da One’ is a stop-and-go slapping drum number with Rihanna’s staple accent throughout. It’s very street, and a swell soft blend of R&B and hip-hop, with a whipping beat; production accredited to hit-maker Dr. Luke.

Over the years Rihanna has established herself as a bonafide act and settled her reign in pop music, and apparently Talk That Talk reflects it, as it is sounding like an explosion of her last two records taken to higher ground in the volume and tempo department.

Basing oneself on the album snippets, the new record seems to be a step-up in Rihanna’s game, if Loud was indeed supposed to be ‘loud’ and hard-edge but came across as bland in the end, Talk That Talk won’t divide anyone’s opinion and won’t fall short (unless you emphasize disappointment to discover the amazing ‘Birthday Cake’ is just a one minute-eighteen seconds track), since it is sounding sex-drenched, sledgehammering, a little hip-hop with underlaid guitar strums, and island dub-step all at once. She is definitely growing and growing each time, stating versatility with ease.

VH1 has got an exclusive listen to the soon to hit the shelves album, and they are claiming it to be the most sexual record to be put out since Madonna’s Erotica. As far as the track previews go, they don’t sound much of a blush yet, but one will just have to wait and properly judge once the real thing is out, and until then fans will be the ones to decide if Rihanna has made the porn soundtrack to pop music.

The new album features production on behalf of Stargate, Bangladesh, Hit-Boy, Big Juice, The-Dream, Calvin Harris and Dr. Luke, with major writing credits to Ester Dean and Rihanna herself. Are you Rih-dy?


Preview ‘You Da One’ below.

Talk That Talk out November 21st.