Katy Perry has not only been hard at work on her California Dreams Tour and upcoming mystery release of a compilation of songs that didn’t make Teenage Dream, but is also busy promoting her latest single ‘The One That Got Away’, which currently sits at the 34rth position on the Billboard Hot 100, within its third week of official radio airplay and digital release.

The visuals for the sixth Teenage Dream single will be premiered by Perry herself in The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday at 4 p.m., with subsequent screenings of the 7-minute extended version available in the select cities of Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

By the early looks of it, Katy is bringing some major Zooey Deschanel realness, going third age, and serving a bit of ‘(500) Days Of Summer’, to the update of ‘Thinking Of You’, and the grown-up version of ‘Teenage Dream’. It looks vintage, classy and utmost melancholic. Don’t know how this woman does it, but she is definitely magic. The video is set to guest feature Mexican actor Diego Luna as the ‘One’, and goes under the flawless direction of Floria Sigismondi, who also scored the intergalactic visuals for ‘E.T.’.

There have been statements made criticizing the mere 30 second preview of the upcoming video, citing comparisons to Rihanna’s latest, ‘We Found Love’, which follows the deterioration of a relationship. But a rip-off is literally impossible as ‘The One That Got Away’ was shot early in October and right about the time ‘We Found Love’ was being filmed in Northern Ireland. Both songs follow different subject matter, and style, so comparisons if at all, are extremely unnecessary; besides Perry delivers the storyline in a reminisce of the past. Anything to bring the successful down.

Many are still on the fence regarding if  ‘The One That Got Away’ will become Katy’s sixth consecutive number one, and on whether she’ll rewrite music history, but by how things have been handled by Perry and her team, one will just have to see what they pull to make it the hit it deserves to be.

Anyone notice the video premiere date consists of SIX ones? Could she have something in hands?  With Katy Perry you never know, but you best believe you’re not going to be disappointed.


Watch the trailer for the video below! (It features Stevie Nicks as the narrator)

In other Katy Perry news, she just won an Europe Music Award for Best Live in the Belfast ceremony this past November 5th, has been nominated for seven People Choice’s Awards and received three nods for the American Music Awards respectively.