Through several unlocked material in a Facebook app, in the form of missions and games, to hand over details regarding single title, lyrics, single cover and official single release, Rihanna has decided to unlock the title to her upcoming album, Talk That Talk, to be released November 21st.

The cover art depicts a fierce lip-licking Rihanna who tinges at the bad-ass persona present in Rated R, with a more ballsy, tongue-in-cheek (almost mockingly seductive) attitude. It honestly looks like a Beyoncé knock off, since it reminisces the looks Beyoncé sported throughout the ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ video; and oddly could be taken as a B’Day outtake. That doesn’t mean its bad, but it doesn’t mean its that good either.

No producer line-up has been announced yet, but rumor has it Calvin Harris  will be in charge of the album’s entire production. So expect it all electric, unless Harris has something else in mind for the Bajan performer. Though, The Jugganauts, who were in charge of ‘Man Down’ have stated they’ve worked on two tracks with her for inclusion in the sixth album.

Judging by the first single, the Euro-dance ‘We Found Love’, which already hit #1 in the UK and peaked in the Top 10 of the Billboard charts (with virtually zero promo), it seems Rihanna is going to find the thine line between Loud and Rated R, exploring moods in trance beats, or who knows maybe she has a ‘What’s My Name?’ on the way.


Talk That Talk in stores Nov. 21st.

Also take a look at the Deluxe album cover below. By this, one can finally say she has shown the other side of the coin to A Girl Like Me, proving the Good Girl Gone Bad.