LMFAO have taken radio and everyone’s ear by storm since the heavily dub-stepped ‘Party Rock Anthem’ made chart splash, and made the Australian dance step of the shuffle more popular globally, or probably more than it already was (other than being an online attraction). The duo sit on their sophomore record and are still with their energies ready to party and keep everyone moving no matter the cost.

After depicting the ’28 Days Later’ superbly inspired video for ‘Party Rock Anthem’, and the vampire-hunt ‘Champagne Showers’ with Natalia Kills’ appearance, the boys have taken themselves to Venice Beach to have a full flashing experience of their bodies to commemorate the work-out hymn that is ‘Sexy And I Know It’. For starters, it is a ‘WHAT?!’ inducing video, which means it’ll probably grab one’s attention whether they like it or not.

Sand, a sunny Venice beach prowl, beach towels, insulated skin, public gymnasiums in the midst of basketball courts, male vanity, jealous exaggeratedly hunky men, cameos, and sparkling speedos bring ‘Sexy And I Know It’ to life, changing perceptions as to what the song stands for. Originally as a self-indulging body idolization upon mere listen, now as a cherishing of one’s own physical particularity upon mere view.

It follows Red foo across Venice beach delivering exercised-based choreography to the thumping beats of the single while drawing attention along a mini troupe of dancers, before they shed of all clothing and shake their ‘cheese’ to the beat. Sky blu notices Redf oo and follows along, before they have a cock-a-rrific NSFW wiggling showdown, which then turns into an exhibition of shiny speedos and briefs across a bar runway. It reminds of a non-CGI’d version of ‘California Gurls’, minus the candy landscape (but actual California), bare chests, sweat, and of course guys instead. Talking about Katy Perry, if she ever made a video for her Teenage Dream track ‘Peacock’, this could give an idea of how it would be like.

If this video makes any proper form of a statement, is that LMFAO are…crazy, and proud of their bodies. All the visuals they’ve been treating their singles with have been magnificent, and ‘Sexy And I Know It’, despite being ridiculously random and a crotch pointer, portrays a pretty good frame of the guys’ humor and how bouncy (no pun intended) and fun their music is.

Everyone may frown or cringe at the sight of this, but they know they will be wiggling their junk or at least emulating what goes on in the video when they play the song. If someone says otherwise or deny ever hip swiveling during the ‘Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah’ segment, they’re probably lying.

Overall, it is a good video, pretty cool angles, definitely summer-charged, upbeat, humorous and colorful. Hell, this proves guys are also allowed to flaunt and be playful with their sexuality as well, so girls…take it for what it is.



Watch ‘Sexy And I Know It’ below.