When one thought Katy Perry had played just about every crazy role she could think of, she can now add third-age to her shimmering characterization of music video roles, as she goes all wrinkles and white hair for her latest, ‘The One That Got Away’. If this is any other indication of brilliance, it also tinges at the journey Teenage Dream has been.

No details have been revealed concerning video direction neither plot  or premiere date. But judging by the single cover, which shows a bubble-gum pink haired Perry with hints of vintage fashion, as well as a longing stare into the distance, expect a classy, circa 1950’s melancholic clip.

The way this marvelous album has been managed from its cover, album tracks, single choices, videos, performances, promotional strategies and touring…Beautifully done. Katy Perry has come full-circle.


Take a look at images of the shooting of the video below.