Just when everyone thought Rihanna was either going all Rated R or dancey on her fans, turns out she furthers her electronic beats from Loud and takes them to straight dance gone overseas.

‘We Found Love’ serves as the first offering of her upcoming sixth release, and draws prominent influences from the European dance floors, with a 90’s beat induced by a background electric keyboard.

In terms of production and lyrical structure, it is kept simple, short and sweet. Her vocal delivery is smooth and she manages to keep the pitch, the lyrics are poor and mindless, but the song carries a consistent trance throughout the three and a half minutes it lasts. It sounds very La Bouche (a popular 90’s techno duo); ‘We Found Love’ could’ve perfectly fit then in their Sweet Dreams album.

In its whole, the track is good, the only problem is it has the exact same build-up or ascending beat as every other Euro-dance song does, which makes it predictable. It technically sounds like a looped version of a fragment of the actual song, and at times as if it were the remix of a ballad, since the song in itself is a ballad disguised in electric production; it doesn’t go anywhere, it is as if it just were there, keeping on going on.

It lacks a chorus, but does have its hook where she repeats she ‘Fell in love in a hopeless place’ (If one knows that line, one pretty much has the entire song covered). It is catchy, but it feels like something is missing, and makes one wonder if its too early for a new single, if not too rushed. It doesn’t sound half-assed, because production-wise it could swerve on the edge of brilliance for its simplicity, but it could easily be the most lacking-in-lyrics song released all year as well; the lazy lyricism from ‘S&M’ stuck on this one.

It is generic and mildly forgettable, but it will surely generate jumping madness in clubs around the globe.



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Look out for Rihanna’s sixth album coming late in the fall.