Rihanna has not showed signs of stopping ever since she debuted in 2005 with Music of The Sun, followed by a nearly eight-month period until her follow-up, and 2011 is no different; it is no surprise the girl releases music as she breathes.

She broke the news via Twitter, by announcing a new single is on the way, and also confirmed a brand new album scheduled for the Fall. This marks Rihanna’s sixth release, on the toes of Loud, which happens to currently have a Top 10 charting single in the Billboart Hot 100 with ‘Cheers (Drink To That)’.

The new single is reported to be titled ‘We Found Love’,  and produced by Calvin Harris (he also features in the track). It was initially set to hit airwaves October 11th, but  its date has been pushed forward to Thursday, Sept. 22nd. It is also enlisted to be performed live in Rihanna’s touring stint in South America, this September 23rd.

A Facebook application has been launched to unlock exclusive information regarding the upcoming musical project. The logos and overall design of the artwork reminisce the promotion for Rated R, combined with the dim-paint-brushed R present in promotion for Loud; could Rihanna be going back to a darker sound, in contrast to the much dancier beats she has endorsed as of recently? Or both?

Rihanna has proven her talent over the years, by stepping up her game in 2007 with Good Girl Gone Bad, and churning hit after a hit since then. Despite her nasal tone, Rihanna happens to possess that Je Nais Sais Quoi factor that keeps everyone interested, so one best believe this is a sure fire winner waiting to happen.

She may be pawned and predicted to suffer from overexposure just like Lady GaGa and Beyoncé due to this in the coming future, but mark these words: Notions will be changed once she blasts out the speakers.


Look forward to the upcoming record to be released in the last quarter of the year.