Remember last year’s Teen Choice Awards? If anyone does, Katy Perry hosted the ceremony and performed ‘Teenage Dream’ for the first time, while plugging promotion for the single and its ensuing album. Also, she dressed-up as prom queen, a hippie, a hot-ass cheerleader (who cracked a perfect split on stage and a lesson on unpronounceable words), AND a school nerd, throughout to announce nominees and presenters. The metal braced character then went down as another poke at fun by Perry…until now.

Perry has turned the turtle-necked persona into ‘Kathy Beth Terry’, a 13-year old eighth grader who is neighbors with online viral sensation Rebecca Black, and serves as the protagonist of Katy’s latest visual for ‘Last Friday Night (T.GI.F.)’.

The video centers on Kathy solving Sudoku puzzles, who is disturbed by Black’s hosted party on a Friday night. Kathy knocks on Black’s door so the volume is turned down, but is instead pulled in for a make-over, which results in a perm-haired, neon clothed version of Perry who parties hard until she drops. The story is developed in a flashback, and starts by alluding to blockbuster film ‘The Hangover’.

Hanson, Kenny G, Corey Feldman and Debbie Gibson, make appearances in the video; it seems Perry and Director Mark Klasfeld got their 90’s nods just about right and on point. But she also keeps it current by featuring Glee‘s Kevin McHale and Darren Criss, as a matching nerd madly in love with Kathy Beth, and as a popular party goer respectively. The bloopers at the end are worth watching aside the video in itself, which has Feldman making references to his role in The Lost Boys, for instance, a wardrobe malfunction, and also presents a deep voiced Perry trying to explain herself.

Katy stays true to the song, which consolidates the concept of the video, but also gives it an element of surprise, by pulling off a side-plot line to what the song describes, meshing it with humor at best. The way she has worked Teenage Dream has been ideal. It is worth noting Perry still manages to look hot and amazing in a perm and braces, and of course, classy while puking in a roller skate.

The eight-minute mini film is an incredible watch, and might give a hint Katy Perry should definitely grace the big screen some time in the future; it somewhat feels like a teen flick straight out of the 80’s or at least early 90’s. She sticks to her character and keeps it consistently with sloppy smirks that reveal her braces, and awkward arm movement no more than appropriate for a socially uncomfortable geek. Every bit of the video is a perfect laugh, from her facial expressions to what she undergoes throughout the make-over.

Her confounded faces the morning-after are the major highlight, it is hard not to crack a laugh at the woman; she definitely knows what she is doing.



Enjoy Perry’s celebratory mischief of the best day of the week, in ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’ below!