It’s been a little over a year since the release of Teenage Dream and it still booms out of radios and speakers, as if it were August 2010, and well, well, well… Katy Perry does aim high and is looking to strike some more gold, with a sixth release off her sophomore record.

Perry has recently announced another single to be lifted, and it isn’t any of the tracks everyone had their eyes on. Considering how fun and quirky Katy got in ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’, one would expect the fun-momentum to continue, say with the bird allusions in the likes of ‘Peacock’ or ‘Hummingbird Heartbeat’, but instead Perry has moved onto a love-lost ballad, ‘The One That Got Away’, reported to be reworked by its producer, Dr. Luke, and due for release this coming October 11th.

Probably what keeps fans on the edge of their seats is not whether she would release another song, but if it will be as successful as its predecessors. Regarding this, her label has stated the following:

“If it goes to No. 1, that would be great. If not, we still have a Katy song on the radio in fourth quarter“.

The single choice is a bit of a frown, the song in particular is amazing, conveys a lot of melancholy in the midst of a throbbing percussion, and to a certain extent could be the other end of the album’s title cut; its cutesy, and the production is marvelous, but this is a bit of a fencer, it could go either way, and makes one wonder ‘Why this one?’. Russell Brand’s reaction to her at the VMA’s after she won Video of The Year was odd, it looked more like a farewell than a gesture of gratitude, so let’s hope this doesn’t commemorate the end of her marriage.

Even though ‘T.G.I.F.’ is definitely an incredible song, it did have its struggle to reach the top spot, but garnered longevity and platinum status in the process; the feat was honestly the perfect closer to a perfect album, but if your album has so many potential hits, then why not release them? It’s a long shot, but why not. The song has since been added to the California Dreams set-list, as it was the only song off the Teenage Dream album to be absent from the show.

One will just have to see what Katy does with this one, and if it tops the charts and gives Perry the title of the only artist to have EVER achieved 6 consecutive #1 singles off one album. Maybe she’ll pull another surprise card and who knows, shows the flipped side of the coin to her ‘Teenage Dream’ video. The album is spectacular, so it is deserving if such fate is destined.

If anyone thought Katy Perry’s weekly runs in the Top 10 of the Billboard charts were soon to be over, it was only the beginning. This one is here to stay.


Listen to ‘The One That Got Away’ below!