Jessie J is giving the U.S. market one more try with an even poppier sound with ‘Domino’, a Dr. Luke production, which sounds like it was meant for Katy Perry originally.

The song in itself is amazing, not only from the guitar strums to the stop-and-go synths that fill the infectiously catchy chorus, but because Jessie does not oversing a note, and when she tries, it appears she’s aware of keeping it low key. The song has a relatively cheesy metaphor with dominoes, but at least it doesn’t sound as cheesy when sung in the midst of the great production, and the leveled consistent vocal execution on Jessie’s part.

It is a typical love song, with a table game metaphor, but as simple as it may sound by the previous description, its actually really good, and induces extremely gratifying body movement without a proper structure; its super blissful.

Lyrically, Jessie addresses the perfection of a counterpart labeling it as ‘a shot of pure gold’, and making her inner emotional reactions known in lines like ‘I think I’m about to explode’ and ‘You got me losing my mind, don’t you know, you spin me out of control’, before begging to be taken ‘down like a domino’. Its got that cutesy factor, but without being too exasperating to the ear, on the contrary invades the ear and is there to stay; the ooh-ooh’s that introduce the pre-chorus are insane and a definite winner.

The slight problem with the song is it is too much in the vein of the marvelous work Katy Perry did on Teenage Dream. It almost sounds like a reject rough base beat for what was to become ‘Last Friday Night (TGIF)’; even the song’s breakdown reminisces the one in ‘Teenage Dream’ and ‘TGIF’, but just not as climatic, even though it scratches the surface well.

Sonically, the song isn’t as original as it may sound like, but Jessie is not to blame but Dr. Luke for apparently taking down a few notches off the Perry formula. It compliments pop greatly, and Katy’s work, but it doesn’t really push further, but instead comes across as a production washed on bleach to drain it from the Perry essence. Perry’s essence must be perfection though, because regardless the song not matching the quality of the aforementioned work fully, its still pretty damn good.

Its no news the girl is aiming for a hit, and what better to assure one with mirroring the biggest hit maker of the entire year than Katy Perry herself. It is very enjoyable and is definitely a must-repeat since one grows fonder of it with each listen, but once in a while, one forgets who’s really singing in here, and that doesn’t go in Jessie J’s favor.



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