Another year, another Video Music Award show down. Last year was all about Lady GaGa and 13 nominations, this time it was all about Katy Perry and her 10 nominations.

This year’s line up for a host, was unconventional, since there was actually no host. The show remains the same as other years, the expectedly solid performances, and the awkward acceptance speeches. It oddly served as a tribute to living music legend Britney Spears, but it somehow ended up being it all about Beyoncé.

Judging the performances, Jessie J could’ve used some more spotlight. Lady GaGa pulled another surprise card as she appeared dressed up as a male, in full character (crazy character one must add). It was insane, because she actually pulled it off looking like a man; no joke. If people thought her meat dress was too much, wait until you see how convincing GaGa looks as the embodiment of testosterone (minus her voice of course). Her delivery of ‘You And I’ was strong, and with her all as always; Brian Mays was the icing on top. The Britney tribute seemed more of a tactic to garner ratings than an actual merit for Spears as a troupe of frenetic little girls emulating the star on stage to her hits dressed in her most iconic moments; it was fantastic nonetheless. GaGa seemed to have pecked Britney on the lips, as she took the Video Vanguard Moon Man in hand (throwback to 2003 possibly? until Spears simulated going for a second not so subtle peck before addressing the microphone instead).

Kanye West and Jay-Z took the stage, and it was your regular rapper showdown kind of performance, just gone a little patriotic; not amusing. Pitbull and Ne-Yo overplayed their single for the billionth time in America, wasn’t radio and clubs alike enough? With a monotonous and repetitive song as ‘Give Me Everything (Tonight)’ is, at least they managed to bring it to life on stage.

Adele slayed the stage with her soaring vocals; pretty sure the building walls were shaking. Chris Brown got his footwork on like he always has, but Beyoncé, was probably one of the most engaging performances all night with ‘Love On Top’, which happens to be one of the not so many highlights in her fourth studio album 4. The performance was sassy and saw the performer cover her crotch with pants for once, who wrapped it with a mic thud and a belly rub, tinging at her pregnancy. The song was called for and the reason behind it, quite charming; the energy was unbelievable.

Young The Giant’s performance of ‘My Body’, was a shocker, because it was beyond superb. From staging, to vocals and crowd interaction. This is more than sufficient proof these guys should make it BIG; it was amazing they got 250 of their hometown fans witness their debut on the VMA stage.

Talking about tributes, other than Spears’, the late Amy Winehouse also got her recognition, on behalf of Bruno Mars, who gave an electric rendition of ‘Valerie’; it was definitely a moment, which got everyone clapping hard, while it allowed the audience to reflect on the major loss of talent the music world has suffered with Winehouse’s passing. It was sad, but in a way celebrated all of what Jazz meant to Winehouse and her fans.The show closed with an awfully auto-tuned perfomance by Lil’ Wayne; it could’ve done without, and came across as a desperate last minute promo for his upcoming album, The Carter IV.

As far as Moon Men go, Spears took home two for Video Vanguard and Best Pop Video with ‘Till The World Ends’. Adele’s trip to America ended up being worth it since she won three Moon Men, for Best Art Direction, Best Editing and Best Cinematography. The ridiculously attention-seekingly dressed Nicki Minaj won for Best Hip-Hop Video. Rock Video was won by The Foo Fighters; Mumford & Sons deserved this one really, it seemed like it was the obvious choice; as if MTV plays rock videos.

Katy Perry was a vision all throughout the night, with creamy lavender-pink hair, she nabbed Best Collaboration and Best Special Effects with ‘E.T.’ plus the coveted Video of the Year merit for ‘Firework’; endlessly deserving, considering how breathtaking the video is. Justin Bieber won for Best Male; its not hard to acknowledge how many no-life thirteen year olds clicked his category before the voting polls closed. Best New Artist went to Tyler The Creator, whomever that is, hadn’t heard from that one, not even once.

All in all, with each year, they get it half right and half wrong, and this year it wasn’t an exception. Viewers got the attention-seeking stunts, cricket noise inducing liners, random speeches, and the drab nomination presentations (Jersey Shore, really?), which were far from creative or appealing for that matter.

We’ll see what they cook up for next year, based on the highs and lows the previous award shows have undergone, they have a lot to work on the chalkboard.

Until the next ceremony!