It’s been a year of release and Teenage Dream is still going strong, with 5 consecutive #1 singles spawned, making Katy Perry the first artist to spend a whole year (52 consecutive weeks to be exact) in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100. This week it takes the 15th position in the Billboard 200 chart, after hanging on the Top 20 for the past year (and a #1 debut).

Perry’s sophomore effort has become historical already, not to say, memorable and timeless. The anticipation nearly killed fans and Katy Cats last year when the four-months plus wait for the album release, as it could not come any sooner while ‘California Gurls’ owned the summer and as it blew up speakers globally, leaving everyone wanting more.

It has been a year exactly, today August 24rth, and the title track still sounds strikingly hitting and melancholic as if it were the first time it was ever played with its YOU-MAKE-ME! introduced chorus. ‘Last Friday Night (TGIF)’ still sounds like the wah-wah guitar driven smash hit that put everyone to emulate the lyrics word-for-word. ‘California Gurls’ remains the core of summer enclosed in three minutes and fifty-three seconds, ‘Firework’ keeps on bringing smiles and full clenched fists in the air, ‘Peacock’ screams and begs to be a single, and comes across still as raunchy, silly, naughty, catchy and all words related, with its birdy wails and blush-inducing innuendos; it never gets old.

‘Circle The Drain’ upholds its roar and fierce factor with its contort deep water-drowned synths and heavily rockified beat, ‘The One That Got Away’ loudly drums the beats of a heart who has lost but has eventually coped, its still a superb ear candy piece, shame it was not officially released. ‘E.T.’ soars light years ahead of any production ever executed by Dr. Luke; the track is rightfully ethereal, with its echoed delivery and spacey metaphors; every play is a sonic experience.

‘Who Am I Living For?’ is most fitting for Perry as this moment, as she is owning her own crown while staying level, it still sounds humble and strong. ‘Pearl’ shall forever be a piano-melodic synth marriage empowering women, and to this day sounds as convincing as ever, as Perry utters ‘She’s unstoppable’. ‘Hummingbird Heartbeat’ still kicks ass and takes the cake for its lyrical structure proposing sex- analogies on pollination, as well for its rock-edge. Lastly, but not least, the album closer ‘Not Like The Movies’, with its soft glass harps and gentle piano keys, still endearing and beautiful, and above it all, honest.

Perfection is unreachable, but Katy Perry got close, REAL close. If there is anything on Earth that can be considered ‘perfect’ in human standards, then this is it. She could simply do no wrong, and for one, its valid to say she was right, California girls ARE unforgettable.

Wishing Katy for more success to come, she’s on a league of her own. The smell of cotton candy still lingers!


To commemorate Teenage Dream‘s one-year of release, watch the defining videos of the album below!

‘California Gurls (Feat. Snoop Dogg)’

‘Teenage Dream’



‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’