And what was deemed to happen…happened. The ultimate California girl just scored her fifth consecutive #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, tying Michael Jackson’s record of the same feat with Bad. Katy Perry undeniably goes down in music history as the only female performer to achieve this thus far. But she isn’t history quite yet, as she is taking North America and Europe by storm with her latest California Dreams Tour, which has left many jaw-dropped across the globe, for the production and quality as well as delivery and energy of the show. Standing on her sophomore album, Perry is not even close to being done.

Katy Perry had a triumphant start last year when ‘California Gurls’ featuring Snoop Dogg hit the airwaves, eventually becoming the anthem of the summer, spending a total of 6 consecutive weeks atop. The title cut ‘Teenage Dream’ ensued, matching the success of the previous single, becoming the soundtrack to summer love. Perry got her high spirits on in ‘Firework’ and shoot across the charts in no time, going multi-platinum. ‘E.T.’ followed with a guest appearance on behalf of Kanye West, who did not take nor add anything to the song, but its impeccable production and cleverly diverse lyrical content focused on galactic metaphors ensured the song to reach to top where it belonged. Just when everyone thought the Teenage Dream project was done and Perry was to move on to a re-release or possible third studio album (as rumors flooded the internet), ‘Last Friday Night (TGIF)’ is released, one of the major highlights in the album, and a fan favorite, for it being an effervescent celebration of the best day of the week, describing several antics while being heavily loaded with enthralling guitar riffs and a tweaked sax breakdown. The latter’s rise to the top was no easy task, as it stalled in the #2 position for about three weeks, the chance of it falling off after all the effort Perry put on the 8-minute long video and overall album promotion was unacceptable, so Capitol Records released a remix to ‘TGIF’ with an added verse by Missy Elliot to boost the sales of the single in itself and put an end to the three week agony behind LMFAO’s ‘Party Rock Anthem’; the numbers are now speaking.

Amidst the aforementioned, Perry transcended from a blue-haired California girl, to a hopeless romantic, a motivational jubilee, an alien Goddess, and as of recently to an appealing geeky nerd, to ensure the delivery of her singles were on point and exactly what she meant them to be. All her videos have been incredibly entertaining, the singles have done the talking; her hard work is really palpable. Plus, after a year of release, Teenage Dream has kept itself on the Top 20 of the Billboard 200 charts, and is easily categorized as one of the best albums released in 2010. Her delivery, visuals and marketing strats have done their job. This achievement is nothing short than well-deserved.

Perry has aroused several negative reaction for what she just achieved, in becoming the first female in music history to land an album with all five singles released going atop consecutively at the charts. Many claim this is undeserving and was acquired desperately, since the last two singles ‘aren’t exactly on the album’ and ‘because they have an added feature in released single versions’. This is certainly misleading information, a featured guest does not assure a #1 hit, the whole composition of the song has more weight; the feature does not make the song; besides, alternate versions and remixes of a song in question, are just taken into account in overall sales when a single is released. Only because the feature-less version of ‘E.T.’ (meaning its original version) is present on the body of work, and not the single version, does not mean its an entirely different song. And the version of ‘Last Friday Night (TGIF)’ was and is the initially released and very same included as track 2 in the album, like it was previously stated, the recently released remix was intended to maximize the sales to ensure the single reached the top position in the charts like was destined to.

The argument has even been taken out of context resulting in pointless comparisons between Perry’s and Jackson’s music, but one has to understand time changes, and the circumstances are now different from what it was back then when Jackson’s Bad was released, specifically with how music is released and promoted on these days, plus the internet being a huge factor behind it. With music leaking and being distributed illegally, holding an album past the second single is not as easy as it would’ve been 10 years ago, and Katy has kept herself consistent despite the circumstances of today, and that has to be recognized. Audiences are just being ridiculous and delusional, trying to cover up reality, minimizing Perry’s success and avoiding to give credit where it’s due.

Katy Perry has a lot to celebrate on these days: a mega-sucessful album, Grammy nominations, five multi-platinum consecutive #1 singles, a mesmerizing sold out tour and 10 nabbed nominations for the Music Video Awards airing Aug. 28th, 2011.

Impressive! Katy Perry is definitely a force to be reckoned with.


Teenage Dream available everywhere.

Don’t miss the venues of the California Dreams Tour if it hits a nearby city to you, either in Europe or the second American leg in late November. The show is ‘100%, worth every penny spent’.

Harbingers has attended the Boston venue (June 18th, 2011), and will be attending the closing venue in LA, California, this coming November 22nd.