Britney Spears has just made the screen thump everyone had been waiting for. ‘Hold It Against Me’ had a well mapped-out artsy concept, but Spears looked slightly dead in the eye at times and the choreography was not edited properly, creating the illusion there was intricate choreography when it was just plain and simple.

‘Till The World Ends’ is also a dance heavy video, and its what you’d expect from Britney, lots of arm movement and seductive struts. She blows up a notch by giving a much more energetic delivery, which to a certain degree, still remains slightly above the ‘Hold It Against Me’ standards, yet the difference is Spears looks more into it in here, just like her In The Zone days.

The title to her fourth studio album couldn’t have been more adequate to describe ‘Till The World Ends’, she was definitely in the zone. She brought back that wide smile everyone fell in love with, and oozed charisma and real energy into the sequences of the video. All at once, while looking strinkingly fab.

The plot is very apocalyptic, and finds Spears poking fun at the alleged end of the world in 2012 at the beginning of the clip. She enters a packed underground scenario, which then is revealed to be a sewer, as the world collapses outside. Spears dances fast paced routines, whips her mane and flirts with her dancers, sits in a relatively small flashmob and pops her chest á la ‘Slave 4 U’ to the chanted chorus, until it climaxes in a large group dance scene as fire splinker systems explode to the hotness before them; it resumes with a bright sunrise and Spears peaking outside the sewers.

The video draws several similarities to the visuals of ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ and a glare of ‘Me Against The Music’, just darker and grittier. It could easily be considered an update or a much modern version of ‘Slave’ (Take a look at the bright background lit sequences throughout, reminiscing the empty water bottle racks in ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’, and the maze like sets and large-troupe dance sequences from ‘Me Against The Music’). It seems the constant allusions to Britney’s past work are working in her favor. The video is stunning and has a tongue-in-cheek factor to it.

The lightning is splendid, with hues of red, orange and sparse electric blue, which is predominant in Ray Kay’s videos. The choreography is far from being earth-shattering, but its a definite step-up and fun, it emmits the highs of the track. It is incredible how charisma and actual enjoyment in execution can change perceptions.

If she danced her way to make it rain in the sweaty video for ‘Slave’, she certainly danced to save the world (and herself) in this one. This proves Spears is slowly getting comfortable to her spotlight. She keeps getting better and better.



Dance with Britney ’till the world ends’ below!