Kelly Rowland is definitely the embodiment of endurance. Not only can she endure in the business, but apparently in receiving a long session of, well, ‘head’, among other things as her most recent single describes.

She has been struggling for years to release her third album, announced to be titled Here I Am. After countless digital single releases, ‘Motivation’ was tipped to lead the way into her new record. It is a very soft paced anthem of lust. One would think she is recurring to sexual themes to work her way towards fame and sales, but this is surprisingly a smooth move instead; it is not subtle, but it doesn’t feel contrived.

Rowland coos and lets her bold voice take over at the end of verses, while she sings about guiding her lover into satisfying her every need. The track gives Keri Hilson vibes, but it doesn’t come across as trashy and ‘sincere’ as Hilson’s ‘The Way You Love Me’. Lyric-wise, Rowland (Rico Love in this case) may be just as graphic as Hilson, but Rowland achieves some eerie sense of ‘class’ in terms of delivery.

The track pulsates slowly and abruptly hits an arresting beat. Its danceable, but its definitely more of a grind or a hip-thrust than actual dance. It makes the listener work up a sweat, as Rowland sheds from all innocence and admits to wanting to go ‘deeper’ and willing not to ‘feel her legs’ when she’s done. In a nutshell, she challenges boys’ point of resolution.

The sound is casual but at the same time pounding; it is a nice blend of R&B with mild Hip-Hop. The production by Jim Jonsin is simple yet slick. Lil Wayne throws in a verse in the midst to corroborate and answer to Rowland’s desires.

It is a different musical route for Kelly, who has always kept her sexy-ness all to herself (until now), the message she is probably sending is she is a grown woman who apparently doesn’t feel ashamed in flaunting her womanhood and control on bed (best believe those breast implants brought in some self-confidence).

It is definitely an experience to listen to Kelly playing a sex siren, and it gives a taste of what to expect on Here I Am, which by the looks of this, it is looking interesting so far.


C. Perez

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Here I Am in stores July 26th.