Everyone had their hearts pulsating to the images of Lady GaGa’s previewed scenes of her new music video and single, ‘The Edge Of Glory’, in a Google Chrome ad. The commercial showed GaGa running in the Brooklyn bridge in heels, with little makeup, and other scenes depicted her with a jeweled head ensemble, but to everyone’s dismay, that version was scrapped, due to alleged creative differences with Director Joseph Kahn. GaGa ended shooting the video herself.

‘The Edge Of Glory’ lost its seemingly simple (yet beautiful) representation for even a more simplistic approach, with GaGa dancing on a fire escape, and prancing in a New York street, with cameos from the late Clarence Clemmons.

GaGa literally kept it way simple, wearing a leather-metal studded piece, and looking like a much younger and appealing version of Cruella Devil. She exits an aparment from its window, dances on a fire escape and walks seductively in a wet-red lit desolated street; the video climaxes with her showing her love for New York, by slowly pressing her lips against the concrete.

The video is lit in an amazing manner, the moisture reflects incandescence and conveys melancholy and vulnerability. The camera work is good, and captures GaGa perfectly in the dark-smokey set, yet the dance sequences are reduntant and to a certain point, random, which make the video a little boring to watch. Guess one just really got used to her wacky costumes, convoluted imagery and plots.

The inspiration behind the song was the death of her grandfather, and the video seems incongruent with that (judging by what she’s wearing), but GaGa has never been known for taking the obvious approach either way; she seems instead to be celebrating New York and life.

In GaGa standards, this is a bit of a letdown, since she is always over the top and blows everything out of the water. This isn’t exactly what one would expect from GaGa, one would expect more. The video is actually good, but maybe her audience wasn’t ready for this maneuver on her part.



Watch Lady GaGa on the edge of a fire escape below!

Watch the Google Chrome ad below, featuring ‘The Edge of Glory’ in the background, which also previews the originally intended video. This seemed more fitting for the song and its overall feel.