After the moderate success of Maroon 5’s third studio album, Hands All Over, and Adam Levine’s coaching position in the panel of televised singing competition The Voice (along Cee-Lo, and Christina Aguilera), it was only natural this would happen: a single release from any of the artists involved (in the likes of Paula Abdul, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez from American Idol). First, to promote the TV show, and second, to undust and shed some light in the pretty much stale careers of Levine’s band (whose singles have under-charted) and Aguilera’s (who tanked with last year’s release, Bionic and its ensuing singles).

Maroon 5 has teamed with Aguilera to deliver probably one of the catchiest songs released in the course of the year. Aside the fact Maroon 5 and Aguilera haven’t been the charts hot rods in the past year, their collaboration is a sure fire winner. ‘Moves Like Jagger’ is a Saturday Night Fever strut; an 80’s throwback with its hyperactive strumming and addictive melodic whistle. It is a little disco with a slight house-like throbbing beat, a little rock n’ roll, dipped in pop and drenched in sensuality.

The song follows a male figure enticing a female with his moves alluding to Jagger’s hip swivels (though the narrator adds his ‘ego is bared’). This is not the first time the band has incorporated teasing subject matter in their songs, but this certainly takes the notion of masculinity to a whole new level, and shows males can also be sexy and suggestive without being too on the surface or crude. It is a very subtle foreplay.

Musically, it has Maroon 5 stamped all over, but that doesn’t mean it is 100% reminiscent of their past work, it is much fast paced than their usual style, and somewhat matches the sound of Jamiroquai, and Dirty Vegas, which are definitely good references.

Aguilera, for once, does not oversing, and keeps it leveled and in tone with both the melody and moody sexual tension of the song. Her delivery is strong and proves she is one of the top vocalists of our time without coming across as pretentious or overbearing to the ears; it seems the vain nature of Bionic and its underperformance gave her a lesson. She does not take away any spotlight from the smooth, flawless falsetto delivery on Levine’s behalf, and reminds everyone this is mainly a Maroon 5 record, not Aguilera’s.

It is deliriously dancey and it is the perfect ‘to set the mood’ kind of song, and it’ll surely make its mark in pop culture with the deemed-to-happen iconic line: ‘Ive got the moooooves like Jagger’.



Download ‘Moves Like Jagger’

Hands All Over already available. ‘Moves Like Jagger’ available in the iTunes Store and Digital Deluxe 2011 Edition of Hands All Over.