When one thinks of ways to get a song to the number one spot of the charts, one would think heavy promotion, a video release on the right timing, and heavy radio airplay resulting in digital sales, but Rihanna has added the remix treatment to the previously mentioned ways, as she reached out to Britney Spears to cut a couple lines for an ‘S&M’ remix and boom, it goes number one all of a sudden.

The ‘Rihmix’ is the exact same ‘S&M’, except it carries a huge ‘featuring’ with a ‘Britney Spears’ tagged along for enhancement. To be honest, the song should’ve been left as it was, not that Britney ruins it, at all, she just adds a little to it, but it just appears to be a forced act. Seductively Rihanna and Britney are toe-to-toe, but when it comes to the actual delivery, Britney’s vocals are not as ponderous as Rihanna’s, she just doesn’t seem to have reached the ‘energetic’ in it. Both sound great with their nasal tones, but there is something about the production that doesn’t feel right. The good thing about it, is the song in itself is very Britney-esque, but Britney takes the esque of it, since Spears’ verse is on perfect point for the track, it is short, yes, but very fitting and surprisingly, called for at least.

This would’ve been even more amazing, if only a real collab between these two would’ve been on the sketch book from the get-go, other than a copy and paste of vocals over the song’s original beat.

This really seemed like a desperate stunt on Rihanna’s side to keep the consecutive number ones coming. The only artist having consecutive number ones at this point is Katy Perry, who has amassed an impressive 4 consecutive #1 hits since the promotion for her sophomore album Teenage Dream began last year in June; its only clear who Rihanna wants to have running for her money. Perry first enlisted Kanye West to feature on her latest single ‘E.T.’, but it wasn’t done when ‘E.T.’ was on the 2nd position in the charts and seemingly doomed for a fall off.



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