Rihanna was named the ‘next Britney Spears’ by the ignorant Ryan Tedder (OneRepublic band frontman and producer), and hey similarities in their careers are close but by no means is Rihanna a star in the caliber of Britney Spears, who’s sole flashed appearance equals ridiculous loads of money made. Rihanna is certainly a star, she just doesn’t reach as high; close if one will. A song like ‘S&M’ is very Britney-esque, and the video couldn’t be any more Britney as it gets.

Rihanna slaps the media and all the criticism she has been inflicted upon, ranging from personal attacks to the sound and style of her music. The video is very ‘Piece Of Me’, and very David LaChapelle at the same time, for similarities to his overall catalog of work. The feud between LaChapelle and Rihanna is not hot news, so that shall be left behind. The concept works mighty wonders for the song, which doesn’t go straight to the obvious but keeps it meshed with a kiss-off underlay to the paparazzo and the media. LaChapelle should consider it a homage, because it is so well put and shot, it makes his work be brought to lusher ground, since it is LaChapelle’s imagery blended with a huge amount of color and oozing jaw dropping sensual teasing. This is higher ground for Rihanna (and LaChapelle, if he only felt flattered rather than ripped off).

The video is eye trance and a spicy treat in its whole. Rihanna is laced on the floor pounding and making contort faces, she teases with a white whip while putting handfuls of pink candy in her mouth seductively, and goes even further as playing with an ice cream cone and slowly putting a peeled banana fellatiously in her mouth with a suggestively inviting stare; boys, doozy anyone? It is absolutely hot tamale.

Truth is no one can get enough of Rihanna, and this proves it; she has the media begging for more. Perez-Hilton’s appearance in the video comes across as unnecessary at first, but it validates Rihanna’s video argument against the media. It is funny how she even makes fun of herself and the whole Chris Brown issue, at the end by wearing band-aids, a black cross on her cheek, a smiley face on her left eye and a Rolling Stones lips sticker on. The frenetic or fast paced movement of the video is a great touch, and the symbolic imagery (even though obviously rehashed from LaChapelle) conveys where is Rihanna standing right now, and gives a piece of her mind as to how much the critics and tabloids affect her (if at all; she’s having a blast).

Rihanna is strikilingly good looking, and her physical feats are flaunted in here in latex body suits and short skimpy dresses, ‘censored’ tank tops exposing her mid-riff and low rider jeans; the video does her justice. The girl is glamorous to tears, and the dazzling red afro worn throughout gives the song the ‘Loud’ concept her record carries. It is a brilliant execution to a vociferating song as ‘S&M’ is, everything, from the styling, camera work to the colors is in perfect mold. If anything could top the colors and elating vibes from the Guetta featured ‘Who’s That Chick?’ video, ‘S&M’ is the answer.



Watch ‘S&M’ below!