Katy Perry has managed to pull yet another ace up her sleeve, with the stunning spacey visuals for her latest  #1 Teenage Dream smash, ‘E.T.’. The concept was obvious just by merely listening to the song or by the title alone, but Perry and Floria Sigismondi have brought the obvious to a shocker and sudden ground. The video may appear to be all about style upon first watch, but there are several details flashed in seconds throughout which give the video the plotline and substance it appears to lack.

Floria Sigismondi crafted Christina Aguilera’s ‘Fighter’, hence the similarities, but the concept for ‘E.T.’ aside from being space-inspired, also has its Earthy element to it of transformation through eyes. Just like Aguilera underwent her metamorphosis in ‘Fighter’ showcased through stylized eyes, so does Perry in ‘E.T.’, but with much improved effects and finer detail.

‘E.T.’ opens with what seems a dump, as a recording of Perry singing over what sounds like a dusty piece echoed in the background. Kanye West makes his appearance for his verse in a spherical spaceship as he gravitates and gyrates. A silver skinned alien floating in space with dramatically air swirling clothing appears, as clips flash showing earthily processes of flowers blossoming, and the alien turns into Perry wearing a flower-esque inspired red gown, futuristic root like patterns across her face, and upward Medusa-like braided hair. Perry undergoes a second transformation as blink-and-you’ll-miss-it-clips of decay and birds are shown, while Perry now wears a white ensemble, before her eyes turn reptile to prepare a third transformation, as felines preying gazelles are shown. Suddenly she lands on a littered Earth during the song’s break, now in an armor chested brown-black feathered gown, with meticulous print over her forehead, and robust straight hair. She finds a broken robot which turns into the futuristic lover she sings about throughout upon her kiss, Perry gets her shock value on after a part of the gown unveils her lower half, their hands intertwine and they walk into the sunrise.

It is an amazing flashy fest, not only for the looks she sports and her camera interaction in the video, but the special effects also being major quality. This was obviously shot against a green screen, but the picture and cinematography are beyond awesome; the landscapes are breath-takingly beautiful. The lightning is moody and faint, and the representation of the extraterrestrial couldn’t had been better played by albino Shaun Ross, who seems creepily out of this world. Regardless of the eerie make-up and twisted ending, Perry looks gorgeous in the clip, and displays her erotic persona 100%, with her stares and seductive delivery; Katy Perry makes aliens (and gazelles) look hot.

The space gravitating sequences took too much screen time, which could’ve been used to explore more the visuals, but are justified by the idea behind them. Kanye West is the only off place prop in the video. It could’ve easily done without West, as he doesn’t add anything neither to the song or video. The overly auto-tuned voice is annoying and his presence doesn’t go with the perceived storyline. His spacecraft isn’t any cheap though and the effects they also use on him, are brilliant. The product placement of the Vogue sunglasses doesn’t take anything from the video either, and is creatively incorporated in it, in comparison to how Britney Spears blatantly whored out products in ‘Hold It Agaisnt Me’.

The watery, reptile eyes Perry flaunts are key in the video, as they enhance the different transformations she undergoes based on the short clips flashed throughout. The alien character seeks for form and finds it eventually, as a ‘prey’ at the end upon watching gazelles hunted by felines, thus surmising itself as a victim. The ending is brilliantly wack, and best understood when perceiving the sources of transformation of the alien. Perry and Sigismondi have achieved the literal without being too literal, and giving a little extra to avoid what was to be predictable.

The make-up and hair styling are another step up for Perry, and even though there may be several Lady GaGa comparisons, the make-up despite being real edgy and outside of the norm, as well as ‘not so Katy’, differs potentially from anything GaGa has ever done. Katy worked it, and made it her very own. It is original, subtle yet on one’s face, classy, visually stunning, artistic, and finest at best.

Katy Perry is not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon. Epitome of a hit-maker.



Watch Katy Perry’s intergalactic journey below!