Everyone, whether they like it or not, are anticipating Lady GaGa’s upcoming album Born This Way. Every move GaGa makes has everyone’s eye on, and denied or not, becomes everyone’s guilty pleasure, or else her music would be a fail, but facing it, everything GaGa churns out becomes a hit. Despite the gimmicks, she has raw talent and the production team behind her enhances it, to make sure everything she puts out becomes the hit it is destined to be.

GaGa has given a proper taste of what to expect in the allegedly heroin inducing rest of the album in ‘Judas’. At first it might seem blasphemous or another attention seeking stunt by the pop star, but ‘Judas’ is amazing in every way possible, hell even the lyrical content is infectiously good and witty despite the biblical reference it makes. This is the real dance record one has been waiting from her since the epic ‘Bad Romance’. This is ‘Bad Romance’ taken out of context and beyond ‘bad’.

Lyrically it recounts several biblical connotations such as the washing of feet, the denying of Jesus three times (she got this one wrong though, it was Peter who denied Jesus three times, not Judas), and couldn’t avoid the obvious, hinting at Judas’ kiss of betrayal. In the track, GaGa claims Jesus as her ‘virtue’, whereas Judas serves as the ‘demon’ she clings to. She names Jesus in the track, true, but it does not transcend into anything blasphemous nor disrespectful, many might take it as it were, but it is just a pop song, and the shock value of it is intended to sell, and it is clearly doing it. It is just used as a metaphor to love betrayal going on for too long, to the point of becoming worthy of being in the same vein of the biggest traitors of them all, and whom better than Judas?

It has the exact same structure of ‘Bad Romance’, and RedOne’s signature synth in here has a heavier electronic edge. The song is combined with a different rockier dance instrumentation á la ‘Born This Way’ plus a deliciously dubstep tinged break, which isn’t anything shorter than an incredible fierce dance thump, which does stay true to her heroin feel analogy, since it is fucking trancey, in fact it is the best ear fuck one has gotten from her in a while. The song is utmost earworm, there is no need for an ‘ear condom’ as she describes in the breakdown after the middle 8. If ‘Bad Romance’ and ‘Born This Way’ were to have a child, this would be it.

The chorus even though poor in lyrics and repetitive, is quite good regardless. It is catchy and the similar chant to ‘Bad Romance’ is a great complement, even though misleading at times. Despite it sounding like her past work slightly, at the same time it is so dichotomic to not sounding similar, in structure possibly, but sonically, it is a different experience. It has GaGa stamped all over, it is definitely classic Lady GaGa.

It is worth noting the way the song was released was insanely creative. Scheduled for an April 19th debut, the song was released 4 days before its scheduled due date, just like Jesus was betrayed four days before Easter, and throughout the day of release (April 15th), three snippets of the song were released, just like Jesus was denied three times. Clever.

GaGa’s heroin induced feel in the record is present in ‘Judas’ without a doubt, it leaves the listener on a high and eager to press repeat. The song is twisted, hard hitting, cleverly written and plain danceable. Kiss her if offended.



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