On a recent interview with Google, Lady GaGa not only answered personal questions submitted by fans, but also dished on details off the new record Born This Way, coming out May 23rd, as well as its second single, ‘Judas’. The interviewer was awkward for most of the interview, but that did not affect nor stopped GaGa from making her full statements. She displayed an incredible personality, was very down to earth and candid throughout.

She described the album in three words, being it ‘avant-garde, techno, rock’ after really giving it some serious thought, commenting it has several rock influences, but it wouldn’t be considered rock exactly. She also called it ‘steadfast’ as well as an ‘exploration in electronic music’ and ‘techno-sonics’ as she put it, remarking it sounds like a genre of metal dance-techno music, with anthemic choruses; the overall sound is strongly inspired and influenced by Bruce Springsteen’s work.

The second single’s lyrical composition will obviously have biblical connotations, and GaGa also revealed there will be a lot of alluding symbolism to the content of the actual song, so expect another controversial ‘to talk-about’ GaGa video, ready to be pawned by the media; everybody knows no one won’t be able to resist not watching. Talking about the visuals for ‘Judas’, she will officially make her directorial debut by collaborating on it with her creative director and choreographer, Laurieann Gibson.

She described the upcoming single as a classic GaGa record, and clarified it will be ‘fun’. She even recited a fragment of the song, citing the following:

‘When he comes to me I’m ready, I’ll wash his feet with my hair if he needs, forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain, even if after three times he betrays me, I’ll bring him down, king without a crown.’

Also, she had previously tweeted:

‘I’m just a Holy Fool, oh baby he’s so cruel, but I’m still in love with Judas, Baby’

Even though she gave it no musicality during the Google interview, it already sounds like a hit; she labeled it as a ‘pop-priest record’. It sounds like an interesting and creative take on the biblical figure. Eager to hear how it will sound like. The single will be released two weeks before the album comes out, around May 8th, and she will subsequently perform the track on the American Idol Season 10 Finale.

GaGa is currently putting the finishing touches to the already wrapped record. So far ‘You And I’, ‘Government Hooker’, ‘Bad Kids’, ‘Scheiße’, ‘Americano’, ‘Edge Of Glory’, ‘Marry The Night’ and ‘Hair’ are tracks confirmed to appear in the album’s final tracklisting, which will feature productiong by DJ White Shadow, long time collaborators Fernando Garibay and RedOne, as well as Jeppe Laursen and GaGa herself. The album will contain fourteen tracks; seventeen will incorporate the deluxe edition.

GaGa gave details on one of the Born This Way tracks, ‘Edge Of Glory’, which was written along her father on the piano after taking several tequila shots. It was described as a sad story about ‘your last moment on earth, the moment of truth, that moment right before you leave the Earth’. It is especifically about her deceased grandfather, who passed away approximately five months ago. Even though it was conceived at the piano, she said it is set to a techno-rock Springsteen-esque dance beat sound, featuring a saxophone segment, which she seemed genuinely proud of and blatantly praised it as ‘fucking beautiful’.

The sound of the first single was unexpected, despite plagiarism allegations, and it was called the ‘marijuana’ of the several ‘heroins’ of the new album. Nothing GaGa has put out so far hasn’t been a fail, so expect Born This Way to be no exception.


Born This Way out May 23rd.

Watch the full interview below! She brings about pretty interesting quotes, and reveals the motive behind the chewing gum at the end of the video for ‘Born This Way’.

Below you can also preview remixes of the album cuts ‘Government Hooker’ and ‘Scheiße’. Even though the title of ‘Government Hooker’ sounds as if it were in the works (it isn’t), the overall sound of the cut is infectiously electronic and definitely as something that will have everyone on their feet. ‘Scheiße’ is more experimental, with a thumping bassline build-up underlay. The tracks were remixed for the Mugler Fashion Show, to which GaGa served as musical director.

Preview the Mugler Remix of ‘Government Hooker’.

And the Mugler Remix for ‘Scheiße’.