And Weekney is still even furthered! After the 30 minute special airing on Mtv this past Sunday, I Am The Femme Fatale, and the album itself storming the charts as the second single also makes a climb, Britney Spears is still catering to fans with a 30 second teaser of her upcoming Ray Kay directed video for ‘Till The World Ends’, which will premiere tomorrow April 6th.

The video seems to follow the end of the world alluding to the title of the track, as people enter sewers where a sweaty rave is taking place. It is already looking like ‘I’m A Slave 4 U’ blended in with ‘Me against the Music’ and the brilliant illumination of ‘Circus’. The video clearly has an apocalyptic plot but there will be an alternate version released, which will focus on the dance sequences of the video solely.

One must add, Britney has not looked this into it in a while, until now. Despite the music videos for Circus being insanely fierce and high bar, Spears is taking up a notch, as ‘Till The World Ends’ shows her very engaging, teasing and looking at the camera in ways she hasn’t in half a decade! (Well, at least which slightly flashed during Circus)

Femme Fatale just debuted atop the Billboard 200 chart, with 276,000 copies sold in its opening week, basically half of what Circus sold back in late 2008, which amassed 506,000 in its first week; one has to consider it was released in near-holiday season though, when sales are usually boosted or sky-rocketed. This marks her sixth #1 debut in the chart.

Rumor has it there will be six singles off Femme Fatale, with ‘Big Fat Bass’ and ‘I Wanna Go’ already confirmed as ensuing releases.


Preview ‘Till The World Ends’ below!

Catch it tonight (basically) on VEVO at 12am PST/ 3am EST!

Femme Fatale already available!

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