Weekney isn’t close from being over, with rave reviews of Femme Fatale coming in, as it storms the iTunes store and is set to debut atop the Billboard 200 chart next week.

After Spears’ absence during the anticipation of the album, occassional tweets and apparent detachment from the project, she has finally hit promotion full force to ensure the album is the hit it deserves to be. She wrapped her gig for Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, where she delivered the same quality she did for Good Morning America, only with different outfits this time. Interestingly, one can now be sure, after general confusion, whether she was singing live over a backing track, because she indeed was!

There were also two featured skits, one where Jimmy and Britney were supposed to get matching tattoos, and a Jackass 3D alleged left-over stunt, the ‘Poo cocktail supreme’, where Britney bungee jumps in a porta potty. Both are hilarious, so they are worth a watch. It is great to see Britney enjoying herself again.

Watch Britney perform her mini-concert at Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Also, Mtv is airing a special this Sunday, April 3rd titled Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale to further promote the album, in which viewers will be able to know the process behind the curtains of the promotional performances Spears did at the Rain Nightclub in Las Vegas late last week, as well as an inside look at the development of the album and how Britney feels about the new music and her career; this marks her first televised interview (other than radio) since the new album was announced.

The special feels like the promotional performances she did at the Avalon and a couple other clubs in New York during promotion for In The Zone in 2003, combined with how her team promoted Circus with For The Record, an aired segment documenting Spears’ strong return two years ago post her meltdown. Nice move! In the preview one gets a glimpse of the video shooting for ‘Till the World Ends’ (anyone get ‘I Love Rock n’ Roll’ meets ‘Me Against The Music’ meets ‘Circus’ vibes?); it is looking pretty damn hot and fierce.

Preview the Britney Spears: I Am the Femme Fatale Special below!


Femme Fatale in stores now.