Britney Spears, who’s seventh studio album, Femme Fatale drops in only two days, decided to surprise fans in Las Vegas by performing a three-song setlist at the Rain Nightclub.

Spears put on stage her mildly disappointing produced cut, ‘Big Fat Bass’ insterspersed with minimal segments off ‘Gimme More’ and ‘3’, along second single ‘Till The World Ends’ and chart topper ‘Hold It Against Me’.

She looked stunning while prancing around the hugely propped stage in a black laced leather leotard, a similar ensemble with red-light flashing traces and a silver-sparkly variant of the initial outfit for the subsequent final number of ‘Hold It Against Me’. She looked incredibly gorgeous, fit and the hair whips were absolutely fierce; the endings of the last two numbers were epically explosive. Her dancing still seemed a little stiff and most likely what everyone heard was a backing track, but Spears did seem to be having a good time, based on the low quality clips and pictures of the event surfacing online today. Rumor has it this performance has been taped for an Mtv Special, airing next week.

Her promotional strategies for Femme Fatale so far seem to be in line with how her previous album Circus was promoted. Spears will be making a pre-taping this Sunday, March 27th for Good Morning America, which will air on the album’s release day, March 29th; she will be doing a three song setlist as well (assume the performance in the Rain Nightclub is what she has planned for the GMA taping? She needs to replace ‘Big Fat Bass’ with the insanely catchy ‘I Wanna Go’). She will also be on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live and will be appearing at the Kid’s Choice Awards this coming April 2nd, but that probably won’t involve a performance. She is also already featured on the cover of several magazine issues, such as V Magazine, Hits and Out, to further promote the new album.

Gear up for a heavily Britney-filled week!

In other Britney-related news, the music video for ‘Till The World Ends’ should be premiering soon, as Britney recently checked in from the studio via Twitter with an attached image (pictured at the right), informing she had just finished a big dance scene. No details on the plot of the video have been revealed, but direction is being under Ray Kay, who shot Lady GaGa’s ‘Poker Face’ and Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair’. She is looking radiant (and sweaty, must’ve been really quite a number; let’s hope) as usual, and the styling she is rocking is looking rad and amazing.


Femme Fatale hits shelves March 29th.

Check out fan footage off the Vegas performance at the Rain Nighclub below!

‘Big Fat Bass’

‘Till The World Ends’

‘Hold It Against Me’

Also check out a high quality gallery of the performances (Credit: