‘Hold It Against Me’ marks another notch in the evolution of the sound of Britney Spears. It is another brilliant execution of pop with a much fresher vibe than anything electro pop based released today. It comes to no surprise because Spears has always been ahead of her time since the release of ‘In The Zone’; since then her music has been timeless.

First she brought an edgier electronic sound in Blackout with ‘Gimme More’ and the ensuing singles, then ‘Womanizer’ was an extension of the previous release, but polished and more controlled, and now it seems Spears has found the line in between with the new single for its heavy electro synthesizers and impeccable delivery; it is heavily electronic, but her voice isn’t as diffused an lost in the music, as it might have been production wise in the Blackout era, where the beat rode Spears, but now Spears is in charge.

The song is a slightly camouflaged tease suiting Spears and her persona, with a mild double entendre composition which isn’t as hard hitting as ‘If U Seek Amy’. Opening with a soft ‘Hey over there’, the listener is to an explosive treat. The track builds up with each verse and bridge, which oddly serves as an unconventional chorus. The lyrical structure is not the regular verse, bridge, chorus type, but instead uses the bridge as a chorus with altered tempo synthesizers which gives it a much different notion when with an alternate background, then it transitions into a massively epic dubstep break down, where Spears smacks her lips in a kiss, oh’s and ah’s while she demands to ‘have it now’, before it blasts off on a culminating bridge-chorus siege with a much trance-driven beat.

It is largely different and edge cutting, if not defining. The way the song unravels as it culminates its verses and transforms into this fiery electro-bang is beyond incredible; it starts as a tease before it gets it on, until it goes all the way. It is everything one would expect from Spears and more. It is amazingly produced and interestingly written even though simple. Britney has a way with the she delivers which engages the listener, and the sound of the track isn’t allowing ‘stationary’, it is hard not to attempt to even make half a move; it is highly energetic and something one could easily  shuffle dance to. It is innovative and unsullied, nothing else sounds quite like it on the radio, it is no rehash, no copy but a much needed number when everything released sounds like something already done before.

The highlight other than the insanely catchy bridge-chorus, is the break down, which is pretty much orgasmic, to die for and perfectly crafted; it is out of this world. Its fierce, more mature sounding and transcendental; it takes Spears’ music to another level.

Curiously Britney has given her new ‘Oops…I Did It Again’, as she just deliberately changed her famous reference line for a direct allusion to the new single title right here. Spears has not sounded this confident in a while, and it may be the real comeback everyone had been waiting for.



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Femme Fatale due March 29th.