Lady GaGa’s overly hyped first single is finally here, and it isn’t really cutting it for all the build up it was given over the past months.

Yes, it is a great dance record with a punching stint of self-acceptation, and even though the lyrics aren’t ground breaking, they are in fact catchy, but it isn’t as ‘epic’ as it was intended to be. At least, monsters and regular fans alike can rejoice over the fact it does not sound like any of her previous singles.

Interestingly, the heavy dance number sounds as if it were a remix. The beat (even though heard before in different texture) is still quite enthralling and dance inducing. It is a roller coaster ride over major electronic influence, subtle rock n’ roll and an underlaid trance.

‘Born This Way’ opens with menacing strings, before alluding to God (calling him ‘capital H-I-M’), and with a direct address to her monsters, encouraging them to ‘put their paws up’ before a series of electronic thumps kick in, and GaGa storytells how we are all born superstars, no matter the differences in sexual preference or ethnicity; its surprising it does not sound contrived. It is also quite gay, clear when she sings the ‘Don’t be a drag, just be a queen’ hook, but one can take it whichever way one wants.

Taking into consideration all the uplifting themes present in other songs like P!nk’s ‘Raise Your Glass’ and ‘Fuckin’ Perfect’, Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ and Ke$ha’s ‘We R Who We R’, GaGa’s approach may seem a bit overused at first, but after several spins it takes its own turn, it defines its own identity and cuts its bit of edge; it is not iconic but it does settle her as a statement.

Even though the production of the single is spectacular, it isn’t really ‘that’ outside of the box, since it reminisces ‘God Is A DJ’ by P!nk, has slight elements of Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself’ and follows a similar structure to that of David Guetta’s Kelly Rowland assisted ‘When Love Takes Over’.

Despite the aforementioned similarities, ‘Born This Way’ has a nice vocal delivery, and GaGa keeps it consistently energetic throughout the four minutes it lasts. Though it lacks a blatant ‘feel-good’ vibe, it does reach an eerie point of vibrance; call it an adverse kind of ‘feel-good’.

The fact it sounds vaguely like the listed above, that hasn’t stopped it from becoming the 1,000th number one in the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and the 19th track to debut atop, crushing records previously broken by Britney Spears with ‘Hold It Against Me’ earlier this year.

By merely reading the lyrics one would expect a sappy self empowering ballad, but GaGa managed to hold that wow factor and shocked everyone with this killer electronic delivery. After all it seems self empowerment doesn’t entail musical rumination, but a burst of celebration instead.



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Born This Way in stores May 23rd.