In case anyone has been  wondering what the incredible Britney Spears has been up to, here are the answers.

She has been teasing fans with tweets over the past weeks, released two promotional pictures and has been uploading many video teasers for ‘Hold It Against Me’ over the past thirteen days, until the video premiere (Feb. 17th, 9:55 p.m. ET/PT on Mtv).

First single ‘Hold It Against Me’, a cut reminiscent of the music incorporated in Blackout, yet a little lusher and edgier for its unconventional lyrical sructure and further use of dubstep, already became an instant hit as it landed on the top spot in the Billboard Hot 100, with sales exceeding a 400,000 mark, low in comparison to the sales of other digital tracks, but considering it was solely up for purchase over the iTunes Store, it is quite something.

It broke several records, and went #1 in all the countries it was released, under zero promotion except for a couple of tweets. Even though the high bar raised by her single has been reached by Lady GaGa and her new single ‘Born This Way’, the Femme Fatale project Britney is unleashing is off to a solid start, which will be cemented with the highly anticipated video, which already looks fierce judging by 2 to 5 second previews.

Spears’ camp have huge promotion already lined up for the new album, and Britney will be making many television appearances and performances. ‘Hold It Against Me’ has been mildly losing steam since its release, but once the video hits TV screens and hosting websites, expect it to have boosted sales.

Make sure to visit Harbingers in the upcoming days, for a review of the single and video for ‘Hold It Against Me’.

Take a look at Spear’s new album cover.

Also, preview the upcoming ‘Hold It Against Me’ video below! (By the way, it’s looking like everything ‘Piece Of Me’ should have been)

She’s ready to take over once more. Spears definitely remains the ultimate tease;  don’t hold it against her.

Femme Fatale out March 29th.