Katy Perry just keeps the strings of hits coming, with all of her three Teenage Dream singles going #1 and multiplatinum certified, as her album also approaches a platinum certification.

‘Firework’ happens to be Perry’s favorite track on her sophomore offering, and it is one of the obvious highlights, so, it was only natural she would release it.

The video opens with Katy glancing at the night sky in Budapest, as she sings and the song gains momentum, sparks blow off her bosom and inspire the rest to also ignite their own light themselves; the video is turned into a talent, acceptation and self expression fest, as well as a celebration of particularity, where the characters break through fears, shame, preferences and show themselves for what they really are. They accept their condition and identity, putting across Perry’s message of the song most lucidly. She looks exceptonally beautiful throughout.

Upon listening to the song, the video concept is slightly expected judging by the lyrics, and the idea behind the fireworks motif Perry explained of the track in particular, before it was released. But she gives the concept for the video a whole new perspective by not only adding the obvious fireworks, but by also presenting a before-and-after transformation of different scenarios where people let their true selves come afloat and ditch their inhibitions, while they literally ignite their personal spark. Perry makes the concept more tangible as the sparks burst off her chest and invites the rest to follow. The final firework show is quite a spectacle, as Perry dances and a troupe of fans cavort around her.

Seeing the sparks coming off Perry’s chest upon first watch, might have one thinking this record concept is all about her jugs, but the literal idea is stunning and well tailored for the video, which conveys a huge embrace for diversity. It is in fact very inspiring as it leaves the watcher on a high, as the video ends in the climax without a resolution. It is a solid video, it has its tinge for cherishing individuality, and there is an emotional value to it.

The camera angles, lighting and landscape picture are fantastic, the fact all the extras are fans gives it a nice touch, and the effects for the apparent Roman candle inspired ignitions are far from cheap. All in all, it is ah-ah-ah-mazing!

‘Firework’ is yet another indication Perry and her label are making all the right moves with Teenage Dream. The record has been successful despite steady but consistent sales backed off by her singles, a series of much improved visual and vocal performances, and the recent announcement of her upcoming (and mostly already sold out) California Dreams Tour.

Perry should be revealing a new single after the current one is dethroned from the top Billboard Hot 100 spot, and it isn’t looking like it will be anytime soon, as it has been atop for three consecutive weeks. If this success is anything to by, she should not be worried for a thing; whatever she chooses next, will surely be quite an event.



Watch ‘Firework’ in its whole colorful incandescence below!