It had been quite a while since radio and music channels were flooded with Natasha Bedingfield’s positive messaged songs and videos. Now she is back with ‘Touch’, the first offering off Strip Me to be released this December 7th.

Lyrically, Bedingfield makes sure the listener knows just about every single thing she did on a day, with a cause and effect undercurrent. The song is brilliant and by no means is low-bar, the production is superb and so is its video. It is simple, and has a Butterfly Effect stint going on, but it certainly works for the song and goes in line with its addressed matter.

‘Touch’ starts off faithfully to the track, by having Natasha perform in casual clothes, before focus is shifted to a glamorous ensembled Bedingfield performing in a dark-incandescent lit empty room along with her band. The viewer is treated with visuals of Natasha’s doings in a morning while doing her errands and eventualities taking place while doing so. Childhood videos are shown throughout, which give the video a melancholic feel, and the blurred white scenes do convey and emulate thoughts or a remembrance.

She has her lyrics fulfilled before she shows the other side of the page, and brings the opposite of what could have been, if she would not have her ‘spilled coffee on a man’. The video is literally a love-story which never happened, and its delivery meshed with The Butterfly Effect inspired plotline is magnificent.

The concept is quite well elaborated, brilliant and cute. She incredibly gorgeous, as if time never affected her. It is an enjoyable video as much as the song is. This is proof Bedingfield never lost her charm in crafting catchy songs with lot of sentiment underlaid. Wish more music videos were like this, instead of having plotless scenes, with unnecessary and flashy couture every second possible.



Watch Natasha attempt to follow her love fate below!