Initially starting off randomly and quite awkward with a pointless booty shake, the watcher is misled into what the video for ‘Gimmie Dat’ actually is, and it is just Ciara showing off what made her reign the charts back in 2004: her flawless dance moves. ‘Gimmie Dat’ is the third single to be released off Basic Instinct.

Ciara crawls, steps, slides backwards on her knees, grinds, delivers crunk, bends backwards and goes wild in the rain all at once as she rides the bass, along male dancers who match her style and talent. The whole thing yells amazing and extraordinary, and proves she is not playing. It isn’t just some watered down couture centered video where there is unnecessary catwalk; this is the real deal, no computer enhanced imagery, no green screen, just Ciara doing her thing.

The effects would be considered somewhat cheap but considering how insane and plain sick the choreography and Ciara’s input are, whether the multiplicity effect at the end, or the negative tint in the milieu of the video are cheap, does not become significant. She has gone back to her heydays and blown her ‘1, 2 Step’ out of the water once again with this, as it is a non-stop dance rollercoaster ride where she only cools off to look glamorous in high heels and a bodysuit, as she poses and contorts provocatively.

There are Janet Jackson influences present, as there are short sequences of stepping á la ‘Rhythm Nation’ accompanied with male ‘bass’ chants. The light in the video is faint and focuses mostly on Ciara’s body, the camera work captures her in ways she hasn’t been before and make the video quite an experience. The warehouse based set is pretty bad ass and the box stepped sequence is top notch, as well as the overall synchronization of the choreography. Ciara wears similar attire to that one used in ‘Ride’; she is really pulling off the tank tops and black leggings; she is looking more street, more out there, more urban, more her.

She went all the way down and marked ‘Gimmie Dat’ as one of her best videos to date. Her voice may be bland, but she has not been this confident since her first record came out. It is going to take some serious balls to knock this off for what it is, as no other performer outdoes Ciara when it comes to her moves.



Preview Ciara dance the balls off her single below!

Basic Instinct now scheduled for a December 14th release.