At only 9, Willow Smith already proves she can top any fully grown female performer in the game with her haters shake-off ‘Whip My Hair’. Born to blockbuster film stud Will Smith, Willow shows off where she got her talents from in her debut single.

The track is an outstanding hip-hop, vaguely crunk number overdosed with an urban flavor, attitude, a catchy hook, fierceness, and enough swagger to even let Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and her contemporaries borrow some.

Vocally, Willow sounds stable and in control of her half rapped delivery. She does not quite sound her age in the verses until the chorus takes over the track, when she does sound whiny, but the beat manages to cover up for the flaw and turn it into the catchiest moment in the song.

Even though she is too young to be singing about haters, and acting indifferent to these with an overt confident hasten subtle PG flip off, the song fits the youngster just fine as the track still manages to sound young. One would originally think the song cannot be taken seriously judging by the fact an underage is blowing off the speakers, but musically and surprisingly lyrically, the record is in fact tremendous quality; ‘Whip My Hair’ is so good is hard to take the song on itself as sung by an underage.

It probably applies to middle schoolers transitioning into new grounds in the context Willow sings it, or as a way to support her peers, the thing with the track is it just simply works in whatever context one wants to approach it with. Taking into account how insanely advanced this new generation is turning out to be, 10’s are the new 15’s so there is not much off place with Willow nor the song.

If Willow is this incredible at only 9, can one just imagine what this kid has in store by when she becomes a young adult?



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No release date nor title have been confirmed regarding Smith’s debut album, it should be released either later on in the year or early next; she has been signed to Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation.