Under the direction of Joseph Kahn, one can safely say this would be Nicole Scherzinger’s most decent video to date. ‘Whatever U Like’ started off fiercely in a box enclosed choreography but it fell short as the scenes got boring and lead both the video and song nowhere, then the pointless ‘Baby Love’, which was a random beach-bikini prance, did not do anything for the song either, and just confirmed Scherzinger was better off with the Pussycat Dolls.

Now since the Pussycat Dolls are officially over, long gone and buried a zillion six feet under, Scherzinger is giving it yet another stab to the already torn music industry (due to so many stabs…), and is delivering ‘Poison’, a vapid-RedOne produced record about not trusting a counterpart and getting even maybe?

The video seems to have some implicit storyline as she chases men and beats them up while she changes costumes every single time she can. The costumes worn are sexy and provoking, closely related to a catwoman based persona, but the half leotard-almost-see-through-catsuit is not something fresh no one has seen before. The clothing comes across as a whole lot less edgy version of Lady GaGa’s (if at all GaGa), combined with Ciara’s skintight bodysuits she used while promoting ‘Love, Sex, Magic’.

The effects are pretty nice, and in sync with the movement, but ultimately the whole thing is just a mess. It resembles Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ and ‘Womanizer’ (both which were also directed by Joseph Kahn), but on a lesser quality scale and fewer genuine teasing. Scherzinger re-enacts some sort of femme fatale kind of character but it just does not fit her, it feels forced and simply not right. The concept has been done already and adds nothing to creativity or originality whatsoever. She is just so 2007. The track title really references exactly what Nicole seems to be, poison…chart poison in this context that would be.

If it is of some relief, she looks amazingly hot as she is undeniably attractive, and at least the video and single are better than what could have been expected from this woman considering her label has invested in her so much without much revenue.

The RedOne produced track is what you would really call a first single, but Scherzinger just lacks that Je ne sais quoi which makes up for an actual pop star. She has no stage presence, her moves are stiff and constantly on replay, and her camera work just screams ‘try-hard’ out loud. Let’s all hope she finally releases her ill fated album still supposedly titled Her Name Is Nicole, though at this pace of rehashing what others have already done and looking somewhat desperate, it seems unlikely.



Watch Nicole do the very same thing she has been doing with PCD, though minus the actual Pussycat Dolls below.