With 1994’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ and the superb delivery of Christmas classics in Mariah Carey’s Christmas album, not recapturing the holiday season magic she generated would have been murder. So Carey has crafted ‘Oh Santa’, a romantic holiday influenced track, structured as a letter to Santa Claus asking for her lover to be brought back for Christmas night. Lyrically, it follows the same traces of ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ with a much more paced, joyful cheerleader-esque based sound.

Being one of the biggest balladeers of all time, Carey was thought to come up with a mellow Christmas tune, but she has proven everyone wrong with soaring vocals, a banging beat and incredible sass. The Jermaine Dupri produced ‘Oh Santa’ is the perfect upbeat pop layered song for Christmas, it is merry and high spirited; it is ultimately a Christmas cheer. It is a mix of Toni Basil’s  ‘Hey Mickey’ with Gwen Stefani’s ‘Hollaback Girl’ with a fiercely snowy Christmas lights decorated dash, interpolated with catchy ho ho ho’s and Carey’s signature whistle register. This single proves Dupri and Carey click musically and always bring quality, as well as it also proves they should work together in her next album, as Dupri was entirely absent in Mariah’s previous.

The thing with the single is if it were not for the sleigh bells throughout, it could easily do for a regular pop song. It could be played all year round without needing the season as an excuse.  It is witty, bouncy and tremendously delivered with its opening chant demands. It finds Carey leaving out the whispery low tones she gave in Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, and instead runs and leaps over several octaves invoking the Christmas spirit and celebrating the season; it will certainly become a classic and this Christmas’ theme-song.

Many expected a new studio album by Carey, but with this Christmas single being this good, everybody can wait.



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Merry Christmas II You in stores November, 2nd.